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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: Secret Location

Finding the Hidden Area with Eliza's Map

Cranberry Island Docks location on the map At Cranberry Island Docks, you can find 'Eliza Map of Home' which leads to a treasure hunt of sorts for a secret area.

There's a secret location in the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC that requires you to jump through a few hoops to unlock it. It is mainly of use to mid-level characters, but some players want to find every secret. You can get a ton of useful supplies by following these steps and explore some of Cranberry Island in the process. Go here with plenty of extra carry weight so you can haul it in one or two trips.

Many players are looking for what to do with Eliza's map or have stumbled upon the Cranberry Island Supply Shed so I made this quick summary. While none of these materials you'll get in this secret area are super hard to come by, the quantity is surprising. What is more, unlocking this hidden location allows you to loot it regularly as it respawns like most other areas in Fallout 4.

Have either 4 circuitry, 6 copper, 5 steel, and (to repair some things via parts) 6 Perception, 5 INT, and 7 STR (you can use drugs, tested and confirmed), or a little luck as you can try to repair things without the parts or SPECIAL - you can, of course, quicksave and reload to try to fix one you lack requirements for unless you're playing Survival difficulty. I tested the materials issue, and you do not require steel etc. Your character will break it down if items in your inventory contain those materials, so no extra effort is needed.

Cranberry Island Docks: Finding 'Eliza Map of Home'

Head far to the Southern side of The Island to Cranberry Island Docks. You're likely to run into Trappers and Supermutants on the way, but guaranteed a pack of wolves at the docks. Nothing too hard, and you can simply run from the other fights if you're not in the mood.

This map leads to a hidden storage room Click to Enlarge. Eliza's Map is found here, it's a nice puzzle, and you may want to stop and do it yourself. I'll explain how to do it and where to go from here.

Once the dock area is clear, we can find a map by locating the two large structures near a container truck. The structure we want has a vim soda sign on the side right side (if facing it) and a net hanging over the entrance. Head upstairs and search the shelves for the 'Eliza Map of Home'.

There's a story to this, and you can find one of Eliza's journals (dated 2077) near the boat on the porch of a ruined building. The next journal you find will be whatever is next in the short story, so you won't find them out of order as far as I know. There are a number of these - over half a dozen to find that tell a sad story - but our focus is on the purpose of the map for now.

Eliza Map of Home in Fallout 4 leads to a secret in Far Harbor Click to Enlarge. The Eliza Map of Home found at Cranberry Island. This map is probably what sends some people to this page. If you look carefully, you can see a ship (where we are, docks) and 3 electricity symbols.

The map shows generators in two different directions. It's more efficient to go to the one, then follow the path and go to the other two. So, head back outside.

Using Eliza's Map: The Generators

Generators on Cranberry Island - what do they do? Click to Enlarge. You're looking for this once you've found the Eliza Map of Home, which isn't exactly required I suppose.

Look straight up from the busted up structure I sent you to, and you'll see a pair of wires leading to the East. Follow them to get to a Generator. Enable it via a skill/materials check:

I tested the third one, and when it failed I was able to try again with the first two options but couldn't jam more metal into the cicruit.

Skill Check in Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Around the corner and up the stairs from the obvious generator, you'll face the skill check Generator on Cranberry Island Docks Don't forget to turn on the generator - you'll need to do this 3 times in total.

Once you're done, walk around the corner and flip the generator on. Now look up and note the wires. You can follow them to the last two. So you don't get disoriented at any point, remember we did the northeastern generator, and will now follow wires back then be turning south.

Follow the wires to the next generator in Far Harbor Follow the wires to the next generator.

It's not TOO far to get to the next generator, they are all on Cranberry Island after all. The pole will have another wire coming off it to the left, and you'll be at a bridge. Drop down to the left to access the next generator.

The second Eliza generator on Cranberry Island in Far Harbor for Fallout 4 Click to Enlage. The second generator is around here, drop down to the left from the bridge to get to it.

Again, a skill check. This time it's 6 copper or 5 Intelligence (or kick it and hope for the best). Pass the check, then hit the breaker. One generator to go.

The last generator on cranberry island is required to get the Cranberry Island Supply Shed key I met a Yao Guai Ghoul here, tough, especially since a gulper came with him. You can see the stairs and generator here.

We are again heading the direction of the wires, though it changes to one wire so that does not confuse you. At the last generator you will be met with some resistance - possibly an adult Gulper, but definitely a Yao Guai and one last skill check. Look across from the generator - on the platform - and you'll see a broken pipe you can interact with. This one takes 7 Strength, 5 Steel, or another hope for the best attempt. Five steel is very easy to come by even if 7 Strength isn't common among ranged characters.

finding this house on cranberry island Take a right here, unless you want another Eliza Journal.

Now enable the last generator, and you've enabled your access to this secret area. Turn to the north toward the ruined house (where you'll see another Eliza Journal). Look for the hidden shelter - take a right past the doghouse and along the hedge fence (though you can detour into the next ruined house and find another journal on the bed near a fully-assembled giddyup buttercup horse).

Eliza's house in fallout 4 far harbor addon

Down that path, you'll come to another house and Cranberry Island Bog. Look behind the house for another generator. You'll see an area you can enter under the house (pictured above). It will have a few lights illuminating a door, which represent the generators you've enabled. Before opening the door, prepare to get hit by some (possibly) tough Ghouls. They are the family Eliza's Journals refer to, and killing them will give you access.

Eliza Family Shelter Key Eliza's family's shed key can be found inside this shelter. Now you can access the Cranberry Island

Damaged Hazmat suits and a sad picture of the family on the shelf are not your reward, though the loot in here isn't awful. The Cranberry Island Shed Key is what you were looking for! Now we have a short journey to the southeast to take, but it's a good thing because it enables us to fast travel there any time we want. Also, it being so far out of the way may help it to respawn more often that some highly trafficked areas, as that is reportedly involved in how Fallout 4 respawns items - you go there a lot, they won't come back (you reset it).

Fallout 4: Map of the Cranberry Island Location This is the ultimate goal, and the place respawns. Enjoy your free supplies for your construction and modding needs!

Head to Cranberry Island Supply Shed, pictured above on the map. Don't expect to get there without a fight if it's your first time - I faced Mirelurk Killclaws and a Mirelurk King. Once you've defeated them, you can unlock the shed, and inside find a load of materials for crafting your weapons and armor. You'll find:

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