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Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC

Getting Started: How to Go to Far Harbor

The first quest to go to Far Harbor Nick Valentine's Assistant Ellie will give you the Quest to go to Far Harbor You need this quest to get to Far Harbor.

How to Start
Getting started in Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC is easy. Just complete the quests in Diamond City, and after you've met Nick Valentine you'll get a quest called Far From Home. Listening to the Valentine Detective Agency radio station, you can hear Ellie calling out to Nick's partner - you. Proceed to the office in Diamond City and learn of a father named Kenji Nakano, and how he needs help urgently for a missing persons case.

Should you take Nick Valentine to Far Harbor? Is there anything special Bring Nick Valentine with you to Far Harbor if it's an option. He offers unique dialog, so you'll get a more interesting story.

Do you Need to Bring Nick Valentine
You'll get extra dialog if you bring Nick Valentine, though he's not at all required. He has a history with the client, and some events in Far Harbor may pertain to him in some way. Whether you bring the Synth or not, prepare for a journey far to the Northeastern tip of the map. Actually, pretty far OFF the map.

Map to the Nakano Residence for Far Harbor You'll literally walk off the Northeastern edge of the map to get to the house. This same place is used to Fast Travel to Far Harbor

Before You Leave & Fast Travel
Leaded armor helps against the radiation found all over the island and just outside Far Harbor itself, so leaded armor and gas masks are good for non-Power Armor users. Rad-X helps immensely, but you'll need one every eight minutes. Thankfully, the fog isn't everywhere. Consider your carry weight and bring enough to get by but leave enough that you can carry some good loot which you'll hopefully find. Some of the creatures are nasty, so you want to ensure you have plenty of healing and maybe some drugs. Charisma hats/clothes/glasses can help pass speech checks. You CAN fast travel back to the Commonwealth easily, so it's not a huge deal, but prevents you some loading. You return to Far Harbor by fast traveling at the node in the northeastern corner once you've unlocked it.

Nakano residence for the quest for Far Harbor The Nakano Residence. The boathouse is further back, behind it.

The Nakano Residence
Once you reach the Nakano residence - with or without Nick - you will learn of their nineteen year old daughter who has gone missing, presumably convinced by someone she heard over the radio. You can choose whether to gouge Kenji for caps. The first speech check yields 350, the next 400, and finally 500 caps. Nick did not like or dislike any of these actions, and actually points out the travel expenses. You'll learn that she took one of their boats - great! So of course to look for her we can take the other one.

Kasumi Holotapes One of several of Kasumi's holotapes. The most important is in the boathouse, but those interested in story should listen to all of them.

While this doesn't seem necessary, upstairs, in Kasumi's bedroom, you can find a holotape on a desk that offers some clues, another under the bed titled 'Dreams'. Downstairs in the kitchen is a third holotape. Yet more holotapes are found in the living room on the television and next to a lantern. The radio yields only static. Listening to the holotapes gives you some insight into the Nakanos' life.

Key to the expert safe in the boat house for Far harbor The key to the expert safe is behind this picture.

You may also question the Nakanos further, though to advance the quest you will want to head to the boathouse a short distance from the Nakano residence. There, on top of an Expert-locked safe you can find a note from her Grandfather. If you lack the lockpicking skill, the note holds a clue to the location of the key: the picture. Head to the picture frame on the desk, choose examine and you can now access the safe.

Inform Factions of Synth Refuge in Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC You can inform the 3 major factions of the Synth Refuge

Kasumi's final holotape from the safe will reveal why she left to Far Harbor. You can now talk to Kenji about how to get there - his boat. You will receive options:

This boat is how you get to Far Harbor The Nakanos will lend you their boat to get to Far Harbor

Personally, I don't want anyone involved in my questing for this portion of the walkthrough, but I'll get back to just what those options do for you. You can now choose to use the boat controls to travel to Far Harbor. If these options lead to raids or interference in the Synth Settlement, I'm avoiding it my first time, but I will come back and edit this page to inform users what happens.

Far Harbor in Fallout 4

This begins the much longer 'Walk in the Park Quest', and your little boat automatically sailing itself to the island town of Far Harbor. Click the link to read the walkthrough, there's a bit more to it, and opportunities you might not want to pass up.

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