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See a full list of guides on the Nuka World page. I've written over a dozen in just a week and plan to continue. There is much more to this DLC, it will just take time to write it all. Check back for more. Comment on the appropriate page if you have a tip to share with other readers.

Fallout 4: Nuka World Endings

Rewards and Options for Completing the DLC

I'm going to try to write as little story spoilers as I can, but it's not possible to do an endings guide without at least summarizing a few things that happen in the Nuka World DLC. Most players who come here just want to get the most benefit for their character by the time all is said and done. I'm working on a detailed walkthrough for all the quests in Nuka World, but for now figured this may help to answer some players' questions about the ending options.

It's Impossible to Make All 3 Raider Factions Happy

Picking your ending and bonus begins with how you plant flags at the amusement park during the Grand Tour Quest. You should give control of the park sections to the two you like (based on the perks below). Give them both at least 2 spots of land. One faction is going to betray you, and you'll lose favor and face them in the last quest. The more land you give a faction, the better they'll like you.

There are 5 spots to give out, but 3 factions - so even if you try to be fair, someone's getting shorted. You can guarantee you'll end up with the two you want by splitting the land at the Nuka World park 3 to 2, and leaving the other out. Also, bring the raider groups that you like to raid with you during quests after Grand Tour in order to gain more favor with them. See the Perks you gain for each of the raider factions under "Power Play Rewards" below.

Home Sweet Home and Consequences of Going Full Raider

You must build up three Raider Outposts in the Commonwealth during the Home Sweet Home Quest - which should be easy if you're familiar with the game's Settlements system. You will talk to Shank and get to select a Settlement from a few places, as well as which faction you'll bring along to do the raid (it's better to do that to gain more favor with one you like). You will lose control over that Settlement permanently (in terms of connecting it to your other Settlement supply lines and being able to build there), so choose wisely. You'll then be building it for the raiders.

You can choose to talk to the Settlers to get them to walk away or to actually raid it, which is really easy even though Minutemen show up. If you attack Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel or other factions in the process (even if they're defending) you will permanently damage your reputation with that faction. (A reader warned this happened to them below.) You should make a backup save if you're unsure you want to go this route. You're going full raider if you attack, and it's impossible to finish the Nuka World content without the following consequence - permanent loss of standing with the Minutemen.

Losing Standing with Minutemen

Peaceful Bullying
This 100% requires speech checks and or paying off the Settlers. I tested this a lot and determined that for each stage of the quest you complete, Preston Garvey will get more upset. There's 0 impact until you start to take Outposts for the Raiders in Home Sweet Home. He'll gradually come to disown you and accept 0 orders, though he won't attack at first. This will stop endless Settlement quests, for sure! If you go the peaceful route and simply bully the Settlements, you'll reach the tipping point with him alone when you set up the second and third Raider Outposts. Again this is even with simply bullying and 0 violence.

Killing Minutemen & Settlers
If you go with violent actions, ALL Minutemen will hate you as you must kill them when they show up to defend the Settlements you raid (including Ronnie Shaw and named NPCs belonging to that particular faction). Keep all this in mind. You're helping raiders, and that goes against everything the Minutemen stand for, so there's no way around it.

Raid On
However, as Kris says below, you will not have an unkillable Preston Garvey attacking you forever. It only lasts a few days. This means the Minutemen could still be used to finish the game. Preston will never be your follower again, and you cannot get his companion Perk. It is a good perk, but so too are the raider perks. You could of course get his first.

Power Play Rewards - Nuka World Ending

You'll only get this far if you actually go all out as a Raider. During Power Play, you'll get to enable the park's power and allow some additional exploration that wasn't possible with everything off. However, you have to fight off the faction that backstabs you because they feel jilted.

As I said above, you can pick which Raider Factions will stick with you by favoring them in land division and bringing them along to raid. What dictates which faction you should side with and who gets to claim what land in the Nuka-World Park is largely taste, but many players will do it based upon the Perks the Raider Factions have to offer. Here's a rundown, copied from my page about the new SPECIAL and Faction perks offered in the Nuka World DLC:

You'll Get Two Perks and Additional Rewards

After completing the 'Power Play' Quest, you'll be rewarded with the perks of the two factions that did not turn against you and may give the defeated faction's land to another group. There won't be another betrayal, you've unified the raiders and established a dominant group in the Commonwealth. The two Perks are a great reward, and from there you can accept radiant quests from the two factions remaining. Since my character is a Sniper, I naturally went with Operators and the Pack. A pure melee build would probably prefer Disciples/Pack.

Tribute Chests

Another nice reward are the tribute chests from each of the five zones of the park. Since you're the Overboss, you deserve a cut of what the raiders under you make - this is kind of how your Settlers give you supplies. Only since they're raiders, they will give you chems, money, and weapons/armor directly. Of course, plenty of Nuka Cola as well. Each of the three factions has a set loot table for what they'll give in the tribute chests, but it's hard to track it all down - it doesn't offer end-game gear, just different types of weapons and armor you'd inevitably sell. Nothing amazing, but it certainly helps and you're able to fast travel to the various zones and pick up your loot every so often.

Raider Outposts and Settlements you've convinced to supply the raiders will also pay tribute. This goes in your Overboss chest back in Nuka World. It's yet unclear how often Settlements and Raiders pay tribute to you but is likely related to time played.

You CAN have Settlements and Raider Outposts after Home Sweet Home

You'll have to give up 3 of your Settlements to Raiders to finish the DLC. As far as I'm currently aware, none of this will affect the others. No one has to know you're the notorious leader of a raider gang. When it comes time to setup Outposts, you should just use Settlements you care little about and use them to supply the settlement you raided.

Good Ending: The Open Season Quest

Very early on in the DLC, you can speak to Doctor Mackenzie in the Market in Nuka-Town and get the Open Season quest. She'll point out how the merchants are all slaves and that you could save them all by killing off the leaders of the three raider factions, which will aggro literally every Raider in Nuka World. This is just a shortcut ending. You can still do a good bit of what Nuka World has to offer in terms of exploration as the whole land mass will still be there, but you'll ruin some of the potential quests and the ability to grant land to the raider gangs. Read the linked guide to see how far you probably should go - hint: at least finish The Grand Tour!

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This is extremely wrong. If you attack any faction held settlements they instantly despise you for it. Any Minutemen patrols, members or named members attack you on sight. That includes Ronnie Shaw and Preston Garvey. And the same goes from Brotherhood settlements and Railroad ones. I know because I just wiped out and set up three raider posts on one of each factions settlements then fast traveled to each HQ and they all attacked me on sight. Now I've got to roll back my save and figure attampt to talk them out because I didn't want to alienate everyone by doing this.
1st September 2016 6:13pm
I am VERY sorry this happened, and regret not thinking to check that Garvey still liked me. I managed to have it happen just now by rolling back a save - he was the only one who attacked. I still had Settlers and the ability to build in my settlements and didn't think of that. I'll further edit this tonight.

I've managed to reproduce it and am seeing if there's a way to have BOTH Settlements and Raider Outposts. I think this is what is intended. If Minutemen attack when you go after a Settlement, you will lose standing with NPCs with that affiliation while you keep control over Settlements (and can even ask them to come work for you). There are obviously a number of variations given the different options you have for handling each of the steps of Home Sweet Home. I'll get it ironed out and make a page only for that quest and make sure there is ample warning on this page.

Edit: This page has been substantially improved. I went through the quest 4 times and found the triggers for when Preston will disown you. Should've been obvious that attacking Bos, Minutemen etc. would result in their kicking you out. However, my language made it seem there was 0 consequence and I didn't notice preston at first. I am sorry to Matt and anyone else who had to roll back saves because of this.

I was also able to avoid being aggro'd by minutemen at the castle by simply not shooting them during a raid. The others did all the work while I shot only settlers. This didn't trigger the game to get upset with me, though I don't recommend you try waiting for poorly-equipped operators to do this. Give them some better guns if you want to do that.

My sincerest apologies. I think things are much improved with this page now, please do let me know if there is anything else that needs corrected. I'd like it to be as thorough and accurate as possible.
1st September 2016 9:13pm
Um you are not entirely correct......the minutemen can never stay hostile as they are the unbreakable way of ending the story. After you raid the first settlement you get a notification Preston Garvey hates you. Give him a few in game days he eventually cools down and says he will follow you as a minuteman but your friendship is over then warns the minutemen will fight you during raids. As for the other factions very early on I had to attack a railroad convoy and there has been no change. I would check others but um *spoiler* happened
2nd September 2016 1:33am
Hey you're right, I was wondering how the hell people could finish the game if they chose to be a raider and had ***** off every faction. Thank you very much for the input. I went and checked on this raider save and he's back to hating me after around 4 days, but will no longer attack on sight. I see that he would help in the regular game endings if I got a quest to talk to him. I'll edit the page once more!

I suppose at that point, you're only able to add new (regular) settlements manually.
2nd September 2016 2:02am
Hey Carl, a request if I may. Can you try finishing Nuka world quest (Raider side) without becoming Minutemen General? I'm wondering if it will have any impact and maybe Preston won't leave?

Another question is whether Preston will still be tagged as essential after you finish the vanilla main quest with the Minutemen and then he leaves you?

Thank you Carl for your guides (The Sims series too!), been helping me a mighty lot.
2nd September 2016 5:28pm
Another player reported that yes, you can do it that way. He'll turn on you if you're the raider leader and active, but open season can wipe all that away as if it never happened. It would seem that the raider outposts you make stick around though, and you may never be able to turn them back into normal settlements.

Edit: If there are no turrets in the settlement you can turn them back to normal by destroying everything. This is the case now but may not be required if Bethesda patches the game.
4th September 2016 1:21am
Are you certain of this? I thought I had read somewhere that if you had zero defense at the outpost when you set it up, then you can return it to normal by killing off all of the raiders.
16th September 2016 10:27am
Nope it's been debunked but thanks for bringing it up. I'll edit this comment, I had tried to put notice up on the guide but didn't find all comments about it. Early on we had trouble if there were turrets but someone messaged me and got me to update the site. I am hoping they just patch it so you can destroy the turrets, if it has not been fixed already.
16th September 2016 2:22pm
I have a question concerning the Raider settlements. I currently have a very sweet gig going on at Sanctuary, but can't figure out how to get high food without losing happiness in the settlement, since appointing raiders to farm makes them unhappy. How do I fix this problem?
2nd September 2016 7:34pm
Carl mentioned it in his raider settlement guide. Here's the link:
2nd September 2016 7:44pm
So far, I'm watching food in the settlement workshop. It stays at 0 of course, stored food is not counted. However, when I see some produce in the workshop it will disappear after a day. The deposits are daily, and some more random stuff appears. I think that once you get so many raider settlements, you need to have a proper ratio of suppliers for the lazy bums.

I'm not sure it's 1: 1 yet - I have food shortages myself with 8 settlements and 3 suppliers. I'm going to try to improve the number of suppliers and will try to edit the page when I start to see a surplus. Of course, there's also the population factor, and not knowing if some under-developed settlement delivers as much as a well-developed operation.

Edit right now, having 2 outposts per 1 supplier has stopped my food problems. You can get a report by asking a shopkeeper if there's any news. If food is the biggest problem and all others are taken care of, they'll mention it. However, it's clear population factors into how much they need.  That said, my happiness is trending upward now. I would also say that having 1 unhappy raider bringing in some food to keep it at 2 to 1 would not be too bad a hit, you could just make more raider shops to make up for the hit.
2nd September 2016 8:28pm
For others who read this, someone suggested using Automatrons to do the farming. Would love to hear from someone if they are able to determine 100% if it affects happiness. I'm thinking the raiders themselves would have the variables but cannot find them in the code and am not presently in a position to check. Just rolled back my saves.
3rd September 2016 1:12am
I believe you addressed it in your raider settlements guide, but I went ahead and tested it for myself (since this was my plan from the get-go). Unfortunately, the outpost happiness *immediately* started to decline when I assigned a robot to do some farming. When I made it a follower, happiness returned to what it was before. It's sad, because I would have thought that raiders would love to have robots do all the work for them. I hope Bethesda shows some leniency in this regard.
18th September 2016 3:17am
Yeah, my comment is just outdated. We were learning things at the time and nothing was totally clear.

I have some new things to add to this based on not being able to overcome 2 robots' huge happiness drop. It seems it's settlement-wide, so with 1 robot you could only hit like 80 happiness max. They need to change the code to look at whether it's a raider or robot, they treat all inhabitants equally.
18th September 2016 3:47am
I don't know about farming, they don't move but just stand there, as apposed to doing security, where they actively move and attack, and also I have one bartending, which seems to get the other shops to stay open past 10pm. I have 2 bars in each settlement one with a robot and one with a human. I tried more robots as store clerks but the income went to 50 caps...
3rd September 2016 9:09pm
The human bartender will still be there past 1am, also the robot bartender, mine are all assaultrons with basic factory armor and armed with automatic hand lasers, will attack immidiatly if the settlement is under attack. This saves you on useing humans which can then be put to farming.
3rd September 2016 9:17pm
Also, all of my provisioners are robots, even a basic unit without any armor or weapons will survive for a long time, but the more rubber you use in the build increases the longevity. I found protectrons with flames and lasers, will act very aggressive if you give them assaultron legs, even chasing down attackers into buildings. And it seems that if they die, cuz I see them spread across the landscape, it doesn't show as a missing provisioner.
3rd September 2016 9:22pm
Has anyone tried to see what happens if Preston has been friended highenough with his perk? or does it not matter
4th September 2016 11:31pm
Does anyone know if there is a way to take back a settlement for the minutemen, after you've taken it for the raiders, or is it permanently de-Minuteman at I zeds? Also, while Mr. Garvey is annoying af, is there a way he eventually goes back to liking you? I would like to okay though this while being bad, but what to go back to being good and destroy the raiders after I've completed the dlc
5th September 2016 4:36pm
I have tried 4 times to get back my settlements. I saw somewhere that if you get rid of all defense then you can get the settlement back at the workshop. WRONG. i get the "you have to kill all the enemies at this location." I have even used the kill all console cmd. Nope. It will not allow me to use the workshops in those 3 settlements. They become only ghost towns.
10th September 2016 11:58pm
Has anyone else had the issue of turning Spectacle Island over to the raiders and no longer being able to use the workbench because you are not "allied" with them anymore?
5th September 2016 6:23pm
So, what would happen if I sent the Raiders to uninhabited, Minutemen-less settlements, like Spectacle Island? Would Preston still hate me?
5th September 2016 7:43pm
Yeah, he will. I haven't yet found a way around it. I think it's the quest stages for home sweet home that are set up to trash your relationship, regardless of how you do it.
5th September 2016 10:26pm
Are the Strength & Endurance bonuses for Scav issue #5 permanent based on the caps you have at the time you find the issue or do you need to be consistently broke as a joke to get the +3's? Sorta like the perks where you have to maintain a high rad level to maximize their benefit? I'll dump the 60k caps I have for 6 immediate & permanent perk points, but not if I lose them as soon as I sell off a good haul.
6th September 2016 5:34pm
It's a spell that updates based on the current caps, so no worries on what you have when you first pick it up. You do have to stay damned near broke to have +3/3 though! :)
6th September 2016 9:23pm
Shade W. Chylde
I am playing the DLC from Nuka world back to the original content. I have not even Established Sanctuary yet. I left Preston and the gang walking there after Concord. I just got to Establishing Raider settlements for the Operators and Disciples. I will be curious to see what happens after playing the game completely in reverse. I wonder if you can redeem yourself...
I can never do anything sequentially or "by the book" lmmfao!
5th October 2016 3:14pm
Grenade Monkey
I first did Nuka World going with Open Season after clearing the park and dividing up the lands. When they kept bugging me about doing raids and taking settlements, I started making things difficult for the leaders and finally had enough of them to use Open Season.

Now I did Nuka World by starting Fallout 4 without the Minutemen line of quests. I never went to Concord and left that quest just withering in the wind. Went and started Railroad instead. When I got the green light to head to Nuka world, I went after Nuclear Option. Railroad could care less about the raiding and never attack. You also meet very little settler activity or resistance. Half way through and everyone seems happy so far...
7th October 2016 9:49am
If you ignore the minutemen untill you finish Nuka-World you won't alienate Preston. I just completed this test myself. I can post a more detailed walk through if requested. The big draw back is you need to start a new character.
25th October 2016 7:14am
If you ignore the minutemen untill you finish Nuka-World you won't alienate Preston. I just completed this test myself. I can post a more detailed walk through if requested. The big draw back is you need to start a new character.
25th October 2016 5:17pm
Thanks Carl for the detailed guide. I just started my Fallout 4 journey about a month ago and was worried about the ramifications that would come with completing this DLC. I wanted to get the most out of it while still being the "good guy", so to speak. I was glad to find out that you had an answer for my specific question as to whether I could complete The Grand Tour without antagonizing Preston.

I suppose I would be right in assuming that claiming the rest of the Nuka World amusement parks (i.e. completing A Grand Tour) will not affect Preston's affinity, but once you claim a Commonwealth settlement for the raiders, you will lose standing with him?

Thanks Carl for the excellent detailed guide on possible outcome for this DLC :)
5th December 2016 8:53am
I can't find the tribute chests. I just assigned Galactic zone to the operators but no idea where to pick up tribute for doing that. Can anyone tell me? Thanks!
24th January 2017 11:08pm
Johnny Appleseed
You'll eventually get a notification to collect your tribute & the chest will be marked with a quest marker.
1st February 2017 10:08pm
Can you use the Castle workshop after siding with the raiders?
6th April 2017 4:55pm
There is a bug at Preston Garvey. Actually if u ask Preston Garvey to come with you, he ll never attack you, even if u do raider quest with him. but if u dismiss him right away after quest he ll attack u. if u worry about him so much then ask him to go with u.

maybe this ll help.
19th May 2017 12:14am
Can you use the settlements in Far Harbor instead of in the Commonwealth?
9th June 2017 3:57pm
I was wondering the same thing~ I might test it out in my current save, since I currently have the Home Sweet Home quest but haven't started it yet (to avoid angering Preston).

Worth noting: I have maxed affinity with all companions (except Strong) and completed Nuclear Option with the Railroad. Will let you know how things go!
20th June 2017 3:35am
A follow-up to my previous post, confirming that 1) you cannot use settlements in Far Harbor and 2) regardless of who you completed Nuclear Option with, Preston will hate you as soon as you build the flag for your gang.

I completed Nuclear Option with the Railroad, not the Minutemen, and Preston still hated me as soon as that flag was erected.
20th June 2017 4:50am
I tried removing Gage from the Raider factions, which people on Steam recommended, but it didn't work for me.

Here's how I did get around the issue:

1) completed Open Season without killing anyone using console command completequest DLC04RaiderKickout

2) used console command setstage DLC04MQ05 1 to trigger Power Play.

3) killed off the Disciples, restored, Nuka World's main power, and spoke to Gage to turn in the quest.

End result: I get to keep my awesome Raider buddy and his perk, and I didn't lose affinity or perks from anyone else.
20th June 2017 8:41pm
To stop Preston and the minutemen hating you while you complete the entire Nuka world quest line is to not complete the freedom calls quest and don't join the minutemen at the very start of the game. It's what I did and no affinity ratings go down as he is not available to be a follower
21st July 2017 4:52am
If you complete the dlc while siding with the raiders then complete open season what happens. Do you keep the two perks? Also is it possible to get a settlement back from raiders?
12th September 2017 12:01pm
You keep the perks. The knife Nisha gives you is an amazing melee weapon, one of the best ever. But to your second question, no, the settlement is pretty much dead after you kill the raiders (Operators/Disciples). You can go there but nobody will come back to it and claim it. I purposed worked everyone into the Commonwealth and set up the 8 camps, etc etc. It was all going well enough until I snapped when a Disciple member complained about not having enough food, even though there was plenty in the workbench and a manned booze still going. I methodically went from settlement to settlement, waiting for dark and starting off with some sandman kills with Nisha's knife. Much more fun doing Open Season this way but a helluva lot more work.
26th November 2017 12:01am
Randy Swartz
If you take over a single settlement, then make Preston like you again, then repeat it 2 more times, would he still be a companion?
14th December 2017 10:50am
I know I’m super late to this party,but FYI, you CAN complete Nuka world and still get some Garvey love. But there’s a catch. Here’s how I did it. I started Nuka world when I hit level 30.. (just go to diamond city and start the Valentine quest lines.. won’t take long). I finished Nuka world THEN, and only then, i encountered Garvey for the first time. I avoided meeting him until NW was done. I get operator/pack affinity, gage affinity, then I took them all out (NOTE: hit your settlements first to remove any turrets.,,. Trust me) then went to meet Preston. You can have perks from all! Preston acted like he knew nothing! Win/win.

(Plus when they die it’s “no.. not like thisssssssssss’
7th July 2019 2:32pm
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