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Fallout 4: Longfellow of Far Harbor

Likes and Dislikes List & Companion Perk (Hunter's Wisdom)

Old Longfellow in Fallout 4 Far Harbor Old Longfellow wields a lever-action rifle and can hold his own in a fight. For much of the DLC, you'd want Nick Valentine to flesh out the story, but Longfellow's Perk is worth chasing for the long-run.

Getting Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow is the guide that Captain Avery will suggest accompany you to Acadia when you're done with Far From Home and ready to begin exploring Far Harbor via the Walk in the Park Quest. Once you finish getting to Acadia, Old Longfellow will be available as a companion. His default is to wield a lever action rifle, which is not quite so bad.

Longfellow's Cabin in Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4 You can easily reach Longfellow's Cabin, just head a little north of Far Harbor then cross this narrow portion. At the beginning of the DLC Quests, you'll find him in the town bar.

Old Longfellow is a fully featured companion, and even comes with his own simple Settlement to the north of Far Harbor (Longfellow's Cabin). This allows you to establish a foothold on The Island and begin stockpiling your items. You can send another Settler to make a Supply Line here to have access to all your crafting materials back home.

Unique Perk: Hunter's Wisdom
Making Longfellow like you results in a unique perk, just like Other Companions in Fallout 4. Get your character to max affinity with Longfellow, and you'll receive the Hunter's Wisdom Perk. It is one of the best Companion Perks in Fallout 4. The Hunter's Wisdom Perk reduces the damage and energy resistance of animals and sea creatures by 25%, allowing you to do more damage to them. This is a significant boost later in the game.

Quest: Shipbreaker
Watch for a radio frequency while exploring the Island - Shipbreaker's radio frequency. You can use this to track down a rare creature, and you can then go to Longfellow for a unique Harpoon Gun called Skipper's Last Stand. He doesn't need to be with you for any of this.

Raising Relationship with Old Longfellow: Likes/Dislikes

Old Longfellow's likes/dislikes in Fallout 4 Far Harbor Longfellow likes alcohol, that's obvious. What's he dislike?
Longfellow LikesLongfellow Dislikes
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Healing Dogmeat
  • Helping Settlements
  • Being Peaceful During Conversations with Other NPCs (Quests)
  • Being Selfish During Conversations with Other NPCs (Quests)
  • Chem Use
  • Donating Items
  • Chem Addiction
  • Cannibalism
  • Murder
  • Pickpocketing
  • Refusing to Help Settlements
  • Being Generous
  • Being Violent

Just about everything else, he's indifferent to. He doesn't mind if you pick locks, even if the door is owned. Thankfully chem addiction is separate from alcohol addiction. Old Longfellow won't love it if you get addicted to alcohol by imbibing - he won't react to it at all. Let me know in the form below if you find more things that Old Longfellow likes and dislikes. Some things may fall under his 'Being Peaceful' when it comes to quests.

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