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Fallout 4: Open Season

Nuka World Quest Option, Consequences, and Ending

Battle after declaring open season on the raiders in Fallout 4 Open Season with all 3 factions alive is one of the bloodiest battles I've experienced in Fallout 4

Early in the Nuka World DLC, after assuming your leadership role, you're tasked with meeting all the raider gang leaders in Nuka World. I recommend you at least wait until this quest (An Ambitious Plan), as you have your base at the Fizztop Grill. You can get a quest 'Open Season' to kill all three of the factions' leaders and shortcut your way to an 'ending'.

How to Get the Open Season Quest

doing open season in Fallout 4 will mean killing off all the raiders Mackenzie in the Nuka Town, USA Market can give you the Open Season quest. She outright suggests you take care of the raiders enslaving them.

Head to the market in Nuka Town, USA where you will find shopkeepers in self-destructing collars meant to control them. They're all enslaved, forced to work for the raiders. Speaking to Mackenzie, the resident physician, you can get a quest to kill the gang leaders and free all the slaves by doing so. Should you? Well, let's look at how things play out. I've heard rumor you may get this quest just by attacking raiders, and that Preston may somehow give it out but it's unconfirmed.

Quest Objectives

A Tough Fight

Kill raider faction leaders in the Fallout 4 Open Season quest Killing raider faction leaders is the objective of the Fallout 4 Open Season quest.

This is a town full of raiders, and if you attack them, every single one of them will aggro on you, permanently. You must kill at least a few dozen to complete the quest, because of the three different factions. Depending on your game difficulty, this is easy or very very challenging. Worth a try on some playthroughs, to say the least.

Reward perk for the operators in Fallout 4 Nuka World You may want the reward perks before you begin this quest

Therefore, killing Mags and William Black, Mason, and Nisha is no easy task due to the sheer volume of enemies. I did it on hard without power armor, but definitely used a number of Stimpaks. If you do want to take this on, there's a right time and a wrong time from a gameplay perspective.

No Reward for Open Season

There's no reward other than your feels for some digital characters. The merchants will stay in the market, and you may access your base. Literally nothing great, except the ability to restore the park's power.

Doing Open Season Very Early in the DLC: How it Plays Out

one of the hardest fights in Fallout 4

You should still get the quests for the various areas of Nuka World when you first enter, though I've yet to confirm it myself (I asked a kind redditor). Also, the power plant door will be unlocked after completing the Open Season so that you can still restore power to the plant.

Doing Open Season After Home Sweet Home or Power Play

Settlement attacking in Fallout 4 Open Season Raider Outposts will aggro on you after Open Season. Those whose population you wiped out are irrecoverable, at least to my current knowledge.

You are able to do this quest after Home Sweet Home and Power Play, but at that point you've permanently alienated Preston Garvey and given up at minimum 3 settlements to the raiders. Those raiders will also aggro on you, and I was not able to go there and take that Settlement back. I don't know if raiders will respawn there yet, but hope to find out. That takes game time.

The reason people want to do this is because you're rewarded with a couple of sweet perks for finishing the DLC content (see here). I would suggest that if you do, you only give the raiders outposts in Settlements that have 0 defense (or make them that way once you're in control by scrapping turrets). I can 100% confirm that once you've done the quest you are able to re-align yourself with the Settlements you ordered to supply the raiders by going back, talking to the leader, and doing a quest as though you'd just discovered it. At present, the only Settlements you can turn back to normal settlements are those where you've scrapped turrets. They won't die and you won't be able to kill them and effectively remove all raider presence from the area. They stay stuck at 1 health. Without turrets, the death of the last raider returns the settlement's map icon back to normal.

The Best Time for Open Season

Kill raider faction leaders in the Fallout 4 Open Season quest How much you care about Preston and the Settlements you (may) lose permanent control over should determine your actions in Nuka World. The Perks are reaaaally powerful!

If you don't care to be a raider, I'd suggest you do The Grand Tour and quit once you get Home Sweet Home. Go nuts killing the raiders, and you'll have avoided losing standing with Preston, while also experiencing the bulk of the questing in the DLC. However, you'll miss out on the raider outposts content which is very similar to Settlements, just with more crime and chems. The DLC presents a good chance to play through as an evil character and get much more enjoyment out of it. It's better if you're not taking your own Settlements over, but it's all up to you. If you want to know how the ending plays out gameplay-wise, click here.

Doing Nuka World Before Ever Meeting Preston Garvey

If you do the Nuka World content before starting the Minutemen quest in Concord, you will be met with an upset Preston as soon as you travel to Sanctuary with him. He'll only work with you if you kill all the raiders. If you do open season before ever meeting him, it's as though nothing ever happened. Most of the storyline there is about you betraying his trust, so it does make sense that it'd play out this way.

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I've been unable to retake Coastal Cottage so far, but got Hangman's Alley and the Nuka-World Red Rocket immediately after clearing them. Spectacle Island let me use the workbench after I flipped the circuit breaker off and back on (the Mirelurk deterrent). Makes me wonder if you should stick to settlements whose initial mission is repeatable.
5th September 2016 1:40am
Given the notice i put out, I wonder if it's turrets that are your problem? They bug out and get stuck at one health so you can't wipe it. Hopefully Bethesda will fix this in a future patch.
5th September 2016 2:00am
Now that you mention it, I recall that the turrets at Coastal Cottage are the only ones that attacked me. Maybe that's why I didn't have a problem at the other settlements. Thanks!
5th September 2016 9:05am
I spoke to soon! I read a bit that Fallout bugs sometimes confuse settlers with inanimate objects. Then I remembered that a provisioner was hanging out in that settlement—I'd assumed they hadn't left because of pathing issues. At any rate, murdered them and the workbench became available. Turrets didn't present any issues for me. Bloody bizarre.
5th September 2016 9:21am
This isn't the same for everyone. On another Bethesda forum I have been reading, myself and others have found the only way to "reclaim" Commonwealth settlements after going full Raider is to in fact finish Power Play and then effectively commit a plot line reverse and complete Open Season. By default, any outstanding quests to reclaim enemy Raider settlements complete by failing, and you permanently lose these as part of your settlement network.

I now don't have Coastal Cottage nor The Slog in my network but WAS able to reclaim Croup Manor. How and why these were different, I can't tell you, as I had friendly turrets at all three and did the same thing to reclaim each, which was to kill all hostile Raider residents. One location had the faction I became enemies with; the other two were assigned one each to the previously friendly Pack and Operator factions.

It actually started making my brain hurt, so I've completed Open Season and have called it a day with the game now. It's been a fun few months, but time to move on to something new . . .
24th September 2016 9:39am
Reman Scimitar
Curious if you was able to salvage a dead friendship with Preston after power play followed by open season (also wiped out the raider settlements in process)
8th September 2016 5:34am
You can't. The consequence of going full Raider is that Preston will instantly hate you, the kind of hate that doesn't give second chances. So even if you do Open Season after Power Play you won't regain him.
11th September 2016 1:18am
I can confirm this. Preston becomes irreversably hostile once you make the decision to go with the Raider plot lines. Understandably so story-wise, given what you then go on to do across the Commonwealth.

As usual however, there are buggy contradictions and story branching problems - despite my choices, every Minuteman posse I have come across since have been friendly when I instead expected them to be hostile.

Ah well. I swear the game designers don't sit there and work out the permutations properly and just rush these things to market.
24th September 2016 9:45am
So is it just Preston that hates you, and you can still interact with settlements and settlers? Or is it all settlers, or the ones in the same settlement as Preston? How does it work exactly? Because I have Home Sweet Home available but if the settlers will aggro every time I visit a settlement I'd rather just do Open Season right away. But if it's just Preston, then maybe I'll go through and lose some settlements to get the full experience.
6th January 2017 11:30pm
Philo Bedo
This is a great site! Nice work and thanks so much!

I have heard that there are areas available AFTER you turn the power back on. I know about the observation deck, and the last start core. Do you know what else becomes available after the power is on?
13th September 2016 10:47pm
In response to the question above about additional areas that become unlocked after Power Play completes; I have found only one so far, just outside Dry Rock Gulch, along the outer eastern wall. There is a locked door behind some bushes that requires a terminal to open it. Inside you'll scrap with a bunch of ghouls but there's no legendary treasure to be recovered.

I'd like to know if there are any more areas too - anyone found any others?
24th September 2016 9:30am
There is a door closed by terminal for a gunners hideout inside the nuka bottling plant near the quartz crystal, until power is back you can access it!
27th September 2016 11:01am
Just wanted to point out that the link to the endings under "The Best Time for Open Season" is broken: it links to ending, not endings.
14th September 2016 8:32am
bruce sheffer
You can have the best of both worlds. I used a mod that eliminates the need for taking over the settlements and that starts power play. Power Play allows you to eliminate one of the gangs. You can do it yourself or let the other two gangs' leaders do it for you until the end where you have to perform the coup de grace on the rebel faction leader(s). After that you can install the mod Intimidation enhanced. If you carry hand cuffs, you can intimidate and bind all the non-named raiders in the parks. At that point you can kill the remaining raider leaders and other named raiders, finishing the quest. I'm hoping at some point the mod author will allow me to send the captive raiders to settlements to be normal settlers. That is as good an ending as you can get AFAIKS.
4th October 2016 12:50am
I denied the option to the quest early in the game. Now I'd like to start the quest but she won't talk about it anymore. Is there any way of getting the quest anyways?
3rd December 2016 3:46pm
Got a question. Can I start Concord, do the quest all the way up to the deathclaw/raider fight, then simply leave Preston in the museum, never talking to him to complete the quest, run off and do Nuka-World, then come back without any long-standing issues?
23rd December 2016 8:44am
Or you can say screw immersion, go to Preston before doing home sweet home, open up the console target Preston and type:
removefromfaction A1B85
After the quest also with Preston as target:
addtofaction A1B85 1

Found this on the nexus while searching for a mod that doesn't angry Preston...
You can also download the mod: "No Angry Preston after Nuka-World by bryvood"
18th January 2017 5:37am
Never mind the mod doesn't work... going to try the console methode instead.
18th January 2017 6:00am
Nuka World sounds like it's way more trouble than it's worth.
10th August 2017 3:07pm
Just completed Open Season. In hind sight, should have "hidden" mines in each factions HQ and else where before starting the quest. Maybe will go back to a previous save and try it.
25th May 2018 3:49pm
Thanks to everyone in here. Wikki aint got half the brains ive found so far here. Respect. Much love. And remember...we will need yoy to help rebuild after the vaults open and the bombs have dropped.
20th August 2018 5:36pm
If you plan on doing Open Season & want a bit of fun, grab the quest "Amoral Combat" (where you murder someone in the gauntlet) & leave it open when you start Open Season. There are heaps of raiders in there to fight
17th October 2018 9:36am
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