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Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC: Ware's Brew Recipe

Children of Atom Quest: The Trial of Brother Devin

The Trial of Brother Devin will give you Ware's Brew recipe You can learn to make Ware's Brew by helping Brother Devin give up his fast.

The What Atom Requires Quest offers you multiple side quests within the Children of Atom Faction. One of them is to help Zealot Ware, who is on the first floor to the right of the staircase. He offers The Trial of Brother Devin Quest, explains how some of the Chilren of Atom handle radiation, and offers to give you a recipe if you'll help him with Brother Devin, who is on a fast and starving himself to death. Completing this quest gives a decent reward - a new recipe for the cooking station.

Brother Devin in Fallout 4 Far Harbor Brother Devin is near the entrance to the Submarine the Children of Atom worship

Speech Check
If you can pass a speech check, this Quest can be over very fast. Devin is at the bridge you cross to get aboard the submarine ('The Vessel'), on his knees. You can attempt to convince him you're Atom's Messenger. If you fail, he won't believe you and you'll have to go to great lenths to convince Devin.

Atom's Spring is highly irradiated in certain spots, stand there until your bar is nearly full. A save first is wise, in case you overdo it.

Returning to Ware, he tells you to try dressing up as a messenger, but also getting highly irradiated first. You can pursue this any number of ways, though getting irradiated is quite easy on the island. Drink water, or head to the Spring where you first had the vision. Since you need to be 75% irradiated, it is best to not put yourself in a combat situation so make sure the area is clear and then proceed.

Once you're clearly 3/4 of the way to dead from radiation and the Quest has notified you of that, you can now fast travel back to The Nucleus and return to Brother Devin. Use the two pieces of clothing you were given to dress up as Atom's Messenger (The Child of Atom Long Rags and Sack Hood).

Dressed up as Atom's Messenger in Fallout 4 Far Harbor Dress up as Atom's Messenger to convince Devin, then return to Ware.

Ware's Brew Recipe
Talking to Devin will wrap up the quest - don't bother asking for caps unless you're with a greedy type companion like Old Longfellow. You can now cure yourself of Radiation poisoning and return to Brother Ware.

The Ware's Brew Recipe in Fallout 4 Now you've got the Ware's Brew recipe. Ware himself will give you some every few days.

He will give you 4 Ware's Brew, complete the quest, and also give you the recipe to make the brew (which requires 4 Raw Sap at any cooking station, found under beverage). All in all, it's pretty good stuff - heals 100 rads instantly and provides 100 hp on top of that. The rad healing is not proportionate to hp healing at all until you're at 1k hp. It will take away 10% of the bar in terms of radiation no matter how much HP your character has available.

Finding Raw Sap in Fallout 4 Far Harbor Some raw sap can be found nearby the Brooke's Head lighthouse, learn to spot it on the side of trees and you should be able to get enough to make Ware's Brew occasionally.

Where to get Raw Sap
Look on the side of trees for a tap that drips into a bucket. You can find a number of these at Brooke's Head Lighthouse, which is pictured in the map above. Keep an eye out as there are some here and there on the island and vendors may sell it, as well.

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