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See a full list of guides on the Nuka World page. I've written over a dozen in just a week and plan to continue. There is much more to this DLC, it will just take time to write it all. Check back for more. Comment on the appropriate page if you have a tip to share with other readers.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Raider Settlements

Making Raider Outposts, Vassals, and The Wasteland Warlord Perk

Overboss creates outposts in Fallout 4 Nuka World Playing Overboss in Fallout 4 Nuka World. Help your raiders expand to the Commonwealth with Outposts

Once you've claimed all five areas of the park in the Grand Tour quest, you'll get to begin establishing a raider foothold in the Commonwealth. Raider Settlements are called Outposts, to distinguish them from the peaceful towns of law-abiding citizenry. Settlements directed to supply food and materials to your raiders are termed vassals. This Guide will teach you some of the things that differ from the Settlements system, some of which you likely already know. As you create more raider outposts, you'll unlock ranks of the Wasteland Warlord Perk, which gives you more build options in outposts.

Shank & The Home Sweet Home Quest

Shank in Fallout 4 Nuka World Shank is your go-to for setting up new jobs. He'll make sure backup's there when you plan to attack a Settlement.

Shank is your go-to for starting outposts for the Raiders and will give you quests much like Preston Garvey, only after the third Outpost is established you're in control of when you get them unless a rival gang attacks. Here's a summary of what you must do during Home Sweet Home, which will teach you a lot about the system. I'll try to throw in some tips for each section.

Making Raider Outposts

Raider flag at outpost in Fallout 4 Nuka World. There's now a special raider category in the workshop menu. Build the raider flag of the group you suggested when you're done conquering. This claims the territory for them and earns you more favor with the gang.

When you talk to Shank, you will first need to choose whether you want to attack or talk settlers into leaving Settlements. He offers you a list each time, and you can indeed attack your own established places, though sometimes an unclaimed settlement comes up in the options. The latter are much easier to attack, especially if you've built up defenses at your own settlements.

Attacking Settlements

The minutemen help defend settlements against raider attack. Playing as a raider, naturally you'll have to kill Minutemen. This will make Preston Garvey hate you, but fear not - you can still complete the game with that faction if it's your only option.

You can select to work with one of the three raider gangs when you attack a settlement. As noted above the difficulty depends on whether you've built there. If you had a Settlement with residents set up with great gear and heavy turrets, it's going to be much harder. You only get 3-4 raiders to work with you.

Before the attack, you do have the option of giving the raiders better gear than they already have - if it is a particularly hard Settlement, this may be smart, but otherwise is not worth doing. You will kill every settler that lives there, and these new guys will be the residents. It is possible you could give a guard assignment to a raider you armed.

Talking Settlers into Leaving

A speech check to intimidate settlers into giving you the outpost in Fallout 4 Nuka World The speech checks can be hard, but greatly reduced if there are outposts nearby and you've built a radio transmitter.

This option is only really viable if you have decent Charisma or caps to spare. The Settlement will eventually pay for itself thanks to tribute, so the caps are not a big issue. You get an initial speech check with two options - intimidation. Succeeding in this one will not make the settlers leave, but will make it easier to pass the next, which is the one that actually gets them to leave. You also get a 60% reduction in the amount of caps it will cost to bribe them off their land if you succeed in intimidation. The second check's difficulty is high as well, but reduced by the first. You pass, and they'll leave. You can then use the workshop.

succeeding in intimidating a settler in Fallout 4 Nuka World Successful intimidation via speech check or a face pounding, combined with the Nuka World radio transmitter can reduce costs to convert a settlement to 1/5 the usual price.

Bribery Costs
This applies to both taking over a Settlement to make an Outpost and getting one to supply your outposts:

Failing and Just Killing Them All
When you set out to take a Settlement for the Raider Gangs, you lose control of the workshop at that particular settlement. Because I was curious if you could resort to killing them by yourself and taking it over for the raiders. I tested this, but it doesn't work. Even if you go as a raider and fail to intimidate the Settlers into leaving, killing them all (currently) results in you fighting to regain control over the workshop, but not able to build a raider flag. You're basically resetting that Settlement to 0 population. The quest will fail, though you may be able to try again one day.

Nuka World Radio Transmitter: Scaring Settlements

A Nuka World radio transmitter in fallout 4 is used to recruit new raiders to the gang The Nuka World radio transmitter helps intimidate settlements and should help attract new raiders to your gangs.

The purpose of Nuka Radio is to intimidate Settlements and let them know the raiders are coming. These cost about the same materials as a normal settlement transmitter. Though the game does not properly display the reduction, speech checks become easier, with the price to bribe cut in half. They'll still show as red, but there is an increase in the likelihood of success. Secondly, these transmit and attract more raiders to join the associated gang.

The problem with these is the silliness of the system. You're tasked with the option of making a new transmitter with each conquest, even if one is in range. The way you can avoid having to fast travel (or god forbid on survival walk to a random outpost to make a tower) is to build a new tower at each location when you settle it. They require power, but a small generator will do. As for getting the materials to do this, you can do it the old fashioned way or do the following:

Raider Vassals - Getting Settlements to Supply Food & Materials

Talking a settlement into supplying an outpost in Fallout 4 Nuka World Talk settlements into supplying your outposts with food and materials. Raiders love chems and hate working.

This is necessary to make Raiders happy without your intervention. Vassals supply all raider outposts with food and building materials. Raiders do not like to work, so if you want supplies in order to build things at your raider Settlements, you will need to either subdue them or threaten them into supplying your outposts. The benefit of this is twofold - Raiders don't like to 'pick fruit' as Shank puts it, and you do not have access to supply lines for Raider outposts (they won't do that work either).

The process of getting a settlement to supply your outposts is similar, except there's no killing the residents. One option is to go all out attack - kill all the Minutemen that arrive to protect an outpost and bring the Settlers down to 0 health, then talk to their representative to secure the settlement as a supplier of food and materials. As with the conquest of a settlement to claim it as a raider outpost, you can also talk them into supplying you. The odds go up in your favor if you have Outposts nearby and Nuka World Radio Transmitters should still help with intimidation.

roughing up a settler in Fallout 4 Nuka World The rough up option lets you fist fight the settlement's representative. Beat them up and they'll be more likely to give in to your demands.

Unlike with the conquest option, you can choose to rough up the settlement's representative with a fist fight to lower the price if your verbal intimidation doesn't work. Your character will automatically put their weapon away and battle with the settler. This gave me the usual 60% reduction in price, same as if intimidation had worked (the prices are identical to conquest, above). You cannot, however, rough them up a second time but do get to try an easier speech check. I recommend doing this before you give caps or try the speech check to get supplied.

Spreading Outposts Strategically for Easier Speech Checks and Bribes

Raiders do not use supply lines. Instead, they have settlements deliver tributes to their outposts.

As Shank will tell you, nearby Settlements grow more worried and are easier to subdue. Both the presence of nearby outposts and nearby radio transmitters lower the difficulty of speech checks by 5/10% for each that is within a set range. Spreading your raider empire to nearby outposts is a better option than going all over the map. You can actually succeed in talking them into it or easily get the outposts for a couple hundred caps.

Automatron & Raider Supply Lines

Although raider outposts do not need supply lines because their stuff is automatically shared across all locations, you can still establish supply lines - but only with Automatron. Make a robot workbench in one of your outposts, then enter the workshop menu like you would normally in order to set up a supply line. You'll be able to select only normal settlements, but can indeed access their building materials. This isn't really necessary for most situations, but could help if you planned a large building project.

Improve Settlements: Vassal Populations Matter for Food

I did some testing by "cleansing" some of my vassal settlements and lowering their population. At first, every one of my raider settlements were starving on a regular basis. As more Settlers moved back into the vassal camps, the food problems grew less frequent then vanished and happiness rose along with the food supply. Since you lose all control over vassal workshops when you enslave them, it may be wise to build up concentration camps of sorts. Make plenty of crops, beds, water, and defense (the things Settlers need) before you take the quest to demand tribute from them (when you immediately lose access to the workshop). A normal settlement radio tower may even be a good idea, as it can be turned on/off to attract people to the camp. I suppose they'd rather work and live there, paying tribute to raiders, rather than risk being mauled by a yao guai.

Improving Settlements beforehand will make more Settlers move in than, for example, if you had only 2-3 beds and a lone water pump. High population settlements cost more to enslave for a reason - they provide more food and building materials. Building up your Settlements before turning them into vassals, you can feed more raiders with fewer vassals. This allows you to make more raider settlements and get much more food from the daily tribute.

Settlements You Can't Take Over

While you can absolutely set up a Raider Outpost in Sanctuary Hills, all important people must be moved first - no Preston there, no other companions either. Boston Airport, Bunker Hill, and The Castle can never be made Vassals or Outposts regardless of conditions and for somewhat obvious reasons given their importance. Someone on reddit asked what happens if you set up an outpost really close to a settlement, so I thought I'd test making Red Rocket an outpost given its proximity to Sanctuary Hills, where all my good guys were stationed. Because the borders are far enough apart, nothing happened. I'm yet unsure how raiders respond to normal supply line caravans.

You Can Turn Vassals into Raider Settlements

Some players may want to do this, so I'm confirming you can. Save first, just in case, but in my experience, when you go to a vassal outpost and begin killing Settlers, the raider guards will help you. They'll treat the Settlers as essential and help bring their health down. You'll have to kill them manually (no VATS). Once all the Settlers are dead, the Settlement returns to normal - the icon on the map even changes back. Now you can go to Shank and get a quest to turn it into a Raider Settlement, or else rebuild it as a normal settlement by interacting with the workshop. Sometimes you may need to wait on NPCs to respawn and take a quest from them to make it a regular settlement.

You CAN Take Settlements back from Raiders

We all initially thought you can't. The problem are turrets being present in the Settlement. So before you ever do Open Season, go to those Settlements and scrap all turrets. The turrets keep the raiders in control, they get stuck at 1 health as when you are subduing settlers and cannot kill them. Removing those turrets, you can turn a raider Settlement back into a normal one!

Wasteland Warlord Perk & Build Items & Tribute Chests

Tribute chest in fallout 4 nuka world Assign one of your raiders to a Tribute Chest. Now you'll periodically have an extra place to pick up money and items during gameplay.

At 1 Outpost, you unlock rank 1 of Wasteland Warlord. 3 Outposts offers rank 2, and 8 total outposts unlocks the third rank of the perk. The Wasteland Warlord perk offers you the ability to make new things in outposts (actual outposts, not slave supply settlements). Rank 1 and 2 should come with the first and final stages of Home Sweet Home, though you'll have to work your way up to finishing Power Play if you want to get Tribute Chests.

The wasteland warlord perk in Fallout 4 Wasteland Warlord unlocks new buildings for your outposts, many of which are useful. A raider build would not need Local Leader at all.

Because Wasteland Warlord unlocks raider shops at rank 2 with 3 Outposts, you do not need the regular stores you get from Local Leader. In fact, in my testing I couldn't establish that the regular stores increase happiness. Raiders would prefer a chem dealer to a clothing emporium, of course!

Tribute Chests generate things every 5 days. They can contain legendary items (at a rate of 5%), but if one does generate a legendary it will not do so again for another 30 days. You must check regularly as the chest can never hold more than 1,000 caps worth of valuables. Tribute chests are wonderful things and combined with the money that gradually accumulates in the Overboss chest back at Fizztop Grille, it's an excellent benefit. Is it worth the tradeoff for what you get for having Settlements? I don't know. I'd prefer a bit of both myself.

Building Happy Settlements, Jobs for Raiders, and Food

As noted above, raider outposts prefer to have raider dealers, nuka radio transmitters with amplifiers (the first is required for the amplifier to work), chem dispensers (vending machines for chems) and items of that sort to be happy. Naturally, they do prefer a roof over their heads and to have adequate water and defense. Raiders will automatically take up defensive positions if you place guard stations. Happiness does not change automatically but creeps up over time in outposts, just as in Settlements. See my comprehensive Settlements Guide if you need further help, keeping the above facts in mind.

Also stated before, they don't like to tend crops so you must get food from settlements for them to be happy. Take note of my recommendation you build up settlements before making them vassals to your raiders. I did some testing on food supply. With 8 raider outposts and 4 suppliers, it was enough to keep my raiders happy without food shortages, though the daily food they get is entirely random. This would be even better with stronger settlements under my control. With a pair of 15-20 population settlements providing food, I could have 8 outposts and only 2 vassals supplying them. Of course as the population of raider settlements grows, food may become a problem so you may want to make 1 raider (or automatron) work the field in each settlement to get the reliable 6 food. Raiders don't like to work, but having one of them set to pick crops in each Settlement could help if they grow too big and the food demand increases to the point the suppliers can't keep up. You could simply make more raider stores and other happiness items to keep them satisfied, make up for the one goon working to stabilize the food supply, and have high happiness.

Unlike normal settlers, raiders do not suffer an unhappiness hit from lacking a job. However, you can still put them to work. From my testing, I'm not able to find anything that makes raiders unhappy other than tending crops. This means it's safe to assign them to scavenging stations, raider booze stills, and other items without worrying their happiness will go down. Booze can be worth quite a lot, so it's something to consider if you want money as opposed to crafting materials.

Benefits of Being Overboss and Controlling Outposts

Supplies and caps delivered by settlers to the overboss in Fallout 4 Nuka World Supplies and caps are periodically delivered to you as Overboss of the Raider gangs.

So with all this effort to expand the Nuka World raiders to the Commonwealth, what do you get? Well, similar to having Settlers at scavenging stations and supply lines all over, your resources are automatically shared among the various Outposts you control. Items are regularly deposited from the enslaved settlements, which you can use to build or upgrade your gear. Additionally, you will receive caps from the Tribute Chests. All of these things come with notifications, so you don't have to waste time checking.

The Overboss trunk generates caps based upon how many outposts you hold. The Overboss Trunk back at your base in Nuka World will generate caps from time to time based upon your raiders' land holdings.

Having well-populated Outposts with raider dealers set up (shops) will give you access to more money, whether from tribute chests or from simply being able to sell loot in that town. You should strike a balance between having Settlements to supply your outposts and actually conquered outposts. This prevents you having to put your raider goons to work and ensures they have enough food. Naturally, more supplies should come in as well.

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Love your guides. Always the most detailed, plus super prompt! Question. Will construction of an Automotron and assigning it to crops affect the happiness of a raider outpost?? I have been doing that, as I can totally supply the camp with one bot as of now. It does not APPEAR to be affecting happiness negatively at all, but I'm uncertain. For all I know it could be affecting positively even.
2nd September 2016 9:22pm
That's brilliant, I think it will work out. I do not normally think of combining DLC features to achieve results for a while since I know not everyone got the season pass, so hadn't even tried yet.

If nothing else has changed and the happiness is stable, neither up or down arrow and you do it, you know it's not affecting it. I don't see a way that it would.

It would clearly be better than my suggestion to assign a lone raider to it, should your food supply run out.
3rd September 2016 1:10am
bancs johnson
I have a question. Is there any way to complete home sweet home without pissing off Preston? One other question, because one raider gang turns on you in the end should I only give settlements to the two raider gangs I plan on sticking around (the disciples and operators)?
25th September 2016 8:09pm
I think it's set in the quest staging that he gets upset no matter how you approach it.

Yes, you'd might as well give all the land to the two gangs you want. You'd have to reallocate the others and/or wipe out those settlements once the quest line is complete. That faction would be hostile, assuming they stick around at the settlements you gave them. If I recall correctly, they do but it's a minor inconvenience regardless.
25th September 2016 9:06pm
There is only one way you can complete all of Nuka World and not make Preston an enemy but it requires you not meeting Preston until after you complete all of Nuka World then meeting him he will give you Open Season and you can go kill the raiders. I do not know if it works if you talk to the doctor in Nuka World who gives you the quest or if you complete Open Season before meeting Preston but I do know if you get the quest from him it works.
8th January 2017 12:40am
This might not be the answer you're seeking for, but hopefully this helps somewhat:

The way automatron works in normal settlements is helping you "neutralize" the happiness to 50. Each automatrons always have 50 happiness, so if you have a raider settlement with more than 50, automatrons might reduce it. I haven't tested it on outposts tho.
3rd September 2016 1:12am
Both replies help! So far it looks good I'm above 50.. but not by much. I really have not focused much on the raiders, more so building at this point. It does seem like raider happiness is tougher than normal settlers.
3rd September 2016 3:06am
There seems to be a glitch with the happiness in the raider settlements and it has to do with the food. I have the Pack settled in at Taffington, which has a defense of over 200, 80 water, 23 beds (10 raiders). I added the amplifier, booze stills, chem stations, plus a few raider shops. Because raiders hate farming, it shows 0 food, however I have 2 serf settlements supplying food and caps for every 1 outpost so this should not be an issue. Except, if I ask a new raider or a chem dealer how things are going, they tell me they didn't sign up to starve and to get them some food at once. To fix this, I finally built some robots to handle farming at the location, and the raiders stopped complaining about being hungry. Except, the happiness immediately began to tank, heading down to the 20s. I'd ask the raiders, and they were "on top of the world, boss", but the happiness continued to drop. UNTIL.... I sent over some mutant hounds from Erickson. Apparently the slightly radioactive mutts have the same effect on raiders as they do on caravan workers. I had a war on my hands in second. Raiders attacking dogs, robots attacking raiders, turrets attacking dogs. I finally broke it up by killing the aggroing raiders (it seems not ALL of them were affected by the dogs), and noticed the happiness was going up. Was it because they got to kill something, or because all the bots were now destroyed? I am wondering if the bots in raider settlements don't function at the default 50 happiness like they do at regular settlements, but instead function like actual raiders... raiders assigned to farm.
3rd September 2016 11:52am
Yeah you're absolutely right about the happiness from automatrons, I was just able to get the same effect. One robot assigned to duties, that was easy to overcome and my happiness is rising. If you want happy outposts you can't go all-in and get all the food supply from robots (you'd be material-poor anyway). You'll have to have at least some vassals, though this may allow you to have a few more outposts and tweak the ratio of outposts to vassals closer to 3 to 1 instead of the recommended 2 to 1.
4th September 2016 12:48am
So I WAS planning on going to party with the Nuka raiders on my Minuteman General who would really benefit from two of the raider perks (the melee ones), but now I've just incredibly confused.

I can go raid my own settlements, that I set up myself, for the raiders, who don't do anything? That sounds very counterproductive in my grand quest to Minuteman-ify the Commwealth. I hope I can complete the Nuka World story and side with the raiders without doing this part. I read that raiding with a certain faction raises their favor with them, but I don't know yet how central the raiding part is to the story.
3rd September 2016 4:33pm
You are required to set up 3 to finish the DLC and get the perks, so losing your relationship with Garvey and having to give a few settlements over to the raiders is an inevitability.

Raider outposts do provide caps and materials themselves, so they're far from worthless. They do not however produce food without vassals that you may find useful for crafting, they're more likely to produce booze and chems. Purified water is generated at raider outposts and raiders can be assigned to scavenging stations without a happiness hit. I think that farming is the only assignment they will grow unhappy about.
4th September 2016 12:58am
Thanks for the quick response! I'll play around with it to get a better feel for it before I go in with a proper raider playthrough.
4th September 2016 2:35pm
Yeah I do feel this really is best for a 2nd playthrough. It's one of the only ways to be evil so it's not much on its own, it's just that the content doesn't mix very well with the Settlements system so it's really one or the other. I think in the end you can take over the whole Commonwealth (aside from the 3 restricted sites) if you have a place like Far Harbor to send companions.
4th September 2016 11:49pm
Great site! Have gotten so many answers to questions from here. But one thing I haven't found an anwer yet is this. I'm planning on doing some of the DLCs quests before I do the "Open Season" (since my char is a good guy), but if I go on and start creating these raider settlements can I after Open Season turn them back to "normal"?
4th September 2016 5:33am
Thanks for the compliment, I try to test things people might want to know.

Right now the short answer is, 'we don't think so'. If you do open season before ever meeting Preston, it'll be like your crimes never happened. Your vassal settlements will offer you quests to take control (or you can kill them all to take control), but so far it looks like real raider outposts can't be reconverted. I don't know if they respawn raiders or continue to attract them yet.

If you were to do this, I'd pick 3 places (required for the quest) that you don't really care for - small settlements in bad locations, not something like the drive-in or sanctuary :)

Edit: Raider outposts CAN be turned back into normal settlements, so long as there are no turrets present. While you still have control, scrap all turrets. They get stuck at 1 health preventing you from wiping the settlement. This is presumed to be a bug and likely to be fixed in a future update.
4th September 2016 5:41am
I sure hope so, right now it's the only thing keeping me from reclaiming my red rocket house.
27th September 2016 10:41am
Hey Carl, first I want to say great guide I learned a lot from it, second thing is if you can return a raider outpost to a normal settlement without killing the raiders in it and having the raiders leave one way or another, if that is not possible and you have to kill the raiders will the whole faction turn on you everywhere or are you safe to just kill the ones at your outpost? Thanks in advance.
4th September 2016 1:05pm
Hi, glad the guide could help you even a little. If you're caught killing raiders, every faction turns on you, including Gage.

Edit: Velarius has just informed me that raider settlementsĀ CAN be turned back into normal ones. I found the reason many players thought not - turrets. If you scrap all the turrets before you ever do Open Season, you can kill every raider in the camp. Its map icon will return to normal. The turret thing is because they are stuck at 1 health and count as raiders, so you can't kill them all. The turrets are being subdued instead of destroyed. Hopefully this is a bug that they fix in a patch.

With this new knowledge I've updated the page.
4th September 2016 11:48pm
What if you do Nuka world before you even meet Garvey? Is it still possible to grab the required outposts, then start up Minutemen quests?
4th September 2016 11:42pm
Yeah but it's only worth doing if you do open season if your intention is to maintain friendship with Preston. After the first quest he goes bonkers about what you've done is what I've heard.
4th September 2016 11:46pm
Hey, great guide. I just have a few questions and I hope you can help me figure something out. I have the season pass all dlc and I play on ps4. there anyway to raise garveys affinity and get him back after doing both the dlc to completion and then ending with open season? If I meet him and get him as a companion then have him stay at castle and then never talk to him until the dlc and open season is done will he still be my companion?

2. Is there anyway to complete open season and keep gage alive and my companion? Like can I have him stay at castle then stealth kill all the bosses without alerting everyone? If not is there a way to trap gage at the settlement I place him? Like put walls/build a closed arena around his bet when hes sleeping. Would he stay or glitch out somehow? If I can't keep him as a companion then Id like to keep him as a prisoner/arena entertainment.

3. Do raiders act differently towards the arena? Normally settlers get sad if a robot or settler dies in the arena. Is it the same for raiders or do they get a moral boost? Is there any way to get settlers to an outpost to fight in arena? Id like to send all my possible synth setterlers to an arena to fight to the death but it makes my settlers sad. So would be nice to send them to an outpost if raiders get a boost.

4.does the settler recruit beacon do anything in outposts. It possible to have settlers and raiders working togwther?

5.What happens to the vassle/suoplier settlement after I clear an outpost? Does it revert and can I get ut back? Do I need to get ridof turrets before I make a settlement a supplier/vassel.

6.did you get Aeternus from Amoral combat? Friggen Nice. Figured if you haven't added it to yourguide yet, its good to have.
5th September 2016 7:44am
I can answer a few:

1. No, it's not possible to keep him as a friend post-raider quests without skipping concord.

2. Not that I'm aware. He turns on you just like everyone else :( I don't think relationship standing with him would prevent this.

4. the settlement recruitment beacon doesn't seem to do anything, another person can't stop raiders from coming! Instead of settlers at the outpost, you get raiders of the appropriate faction.

5. Vassals aren't tied to any particular settlement, so nothing would happen. Maybe after the last raider outpost is gone it may revert. I think doing Open Season would free all the vassals and put you back at square one with the settlements - you can do their initial quest again to take over as leader.

6. Not yet! I have the quest and have a few more pages to write on this DLC. It really slows me down, thanks for the recommendation :D
7th September 2016 2:06am
So I have this problem; I can't take over Sanctuary Hills because Preston is there. But I cant get Preston out of there because he hates my guts. I tried the 'moveto player' command to portal his ***** to another settlement, but after a save he winds back up at Sanctuary Hills. So how do I get Preston to go to another settlement without turning on my raider friends.

Hope someone knows how to work around this.

5th September 2016 3:08pm
Crazy sam10
Go in to workshop mode adn then move him to another settlement you own. There should be a promt at the bottom for what the button is. It's X on a 360 controller.
16th September 2016 3:31pm
Thanks for the great guide and all your hard work !
I'm confused about this taking out the turrets. I have many settlements; do I get to pick which ones I take over or does Shank choose ? It will be a daunting task to have to take down all the defense I have. I'd like to just go to the ones I select, with few inhabitants, and offer them up. Or, if Shank chooses, do I just disable the turrets before I interact with the settlers ?
5th September 2016 4:43pm
You pick the ones you take over and once its an outpost you will have control again. Before you do open season you want to disable the turrets in your outposts.
5th September 2016 4:56pm
Got it ! Thanks for the clarification Nickles !
5th September 2016 5:14pm
I wanted to get raiders to go take over santuary hills, but whenever I go to shank, he keeps telling me i cant and I get the notification saying that I must remove "Quest-important" characters. I removed all possibly "Quest-important" characters until all I had was a bunch of unnamed settlers. I even removed all supply lines eliminating any and all possibilities of their being a person I am unaware of living at the settlement. but each time I try to take sanctuary, i keep getting the same message. plz help
5th September 2016 7:32pm
I bet dogmeat is wandering sanctuary. If u have vault tech addon build a settlement management terminal and select all your followers under overseer most wanted and you can find whos there easy
8th September 2016 9:10am
Still no companion in santuary, after killing everyone there, the only person I can find is mama murphy which I cant kill. The workshop says that there is 2 people so there is somebody else that I cannot find, I have no idea who it could be
10th September 2016 1:48pm
You need to get rid of Mama Murphy by giving her chems everytime she asks gor them.
11th September 2016 4:42pm
J. Mikau
I just had a question in hopes someone else had this issue. My raider outposts have too many raiders, I removed the flag and the raider radio beacon. They still keep coming.. How do I make them stop??
5th September 2016 8:28pm
Yeah, they seem to come fast. I may be wrong and the radio beacon has nothing to do with recruitment, it's possibly just based on your charisma like usual. It's surprising how fast they come but i don't know of a way to stop it. They will stop by around 20 population unless you've got an insane level of charisma. I say make use of them and put them on scavenging stations and brew lots of booze.
7th September 2016 2:01am
I started a new character just for this, I'm 90 now.

Anyway, if you dont join preston and the others in sanctuary, just help them there but refuse to join, the minutemen wont be a thing and dont show up to protect anyone, the settlers hire some other random folk to help them it seems but thats it. :)
6th September 2016 6:56pm
James Kukis
I really need some help here. I think I hit a glitch in the quest line Home Sweet Home and need to restart it. Does anyone know how to do that with console commands?
8th September 2016 3:40am
You would make a backup save first, then use

setstage dlc04mq04 10 to set it back to the very first step.

Be aware of others having trouble getting the quest after HSH to start. It has its share of bugs as well, we definitely need a patch.
8th September 2016 3:50am
This came out while I was in the middle of a long haul survival run for my third ending stuff (BOS I hate those guys lol).

So I was thinking I can go through all the getting the achieves for the raider settlements (Home Sweet Home, Raiding for a Living, Hostile Takeover) and then 'after' doing those, running through Open Season to try and get everything back on track (with the loss of Prestons friendship which is fine as I will be doing the BOS stuff anyway).

I have seen that we can take back the outposts as long as we are careful about removing turrets before giving the settlements to the raiders... but... the one thing I have not seen mentioned anywhere are the Vassals. Do we know if they can be turned back into productive settlements too? Is the vassal link broken when the raider camps using them are turned back to normal settlements?

Darned hard decisions when you have no save options :D
8th September 2016 5:53am
Ooop forgive my missing that bit of the article.

I see now in the section about Turning Vassals into Raider Settlements, you mention being able to transform them back.

Just have to hope it works :)

Thank you for actually posting some good information as to how we can 100% Nuka World 'and' get back on track to what we were doing before it dropped with no other change than a grumpy Preston :)
8th September 2016 6:10am
You're very welcome. Do let me know if killing off all the raiders automatically frees your vassals! If you do that first you may avoid having to start those settlements completely over. I know you'd need to do a quest again, just might not have to build up the settlement :)
8th September 2016 11:25am
i had a quest that was glitched so i had to use commands to complete it, whenever i talk to shank he just says dont get killed out there, any help
8th September 2016 3:53pm
Great guide, this has been really helpful but I've hit a wall. I have Abernathy Farm as a Raider settlement but when I got there they complain about food. I have vassals nearby but I guess it isn't enough. I built two automatrons but I can't seem to assign them to farm. I can only think it's a glitch because the two bots I made at the Slog work just fine.
8th September 2016 5:39pm
Depending on the number of days that have passed, maybe it's not had enough time to stabilize the supply. 2 vassals for one settlement is definitely overkill, assuming those vassals had decent population.

Check the workbench here and there after the supplies come in and look for food items to make sure they're getting what they should be. If other things are fine it could be a glitch that they're complaining, especially if you're able to get happiness to go up adding some of the wasteland warlord items.

I'd make my next settlement in a similar area to ensure they are within the vassals' range. It's in the code they can deliver so far, but it's quite large. I need to mention this in the article, but I have no way of comparing what 7000 range is in the game. However the raiders share food among all settlements so it should guarantee they are getting their supplies.
9th September 2016 6:18am
From what I gather of this, there is no way to tap into the very same supply of junk that is spread across your settlements via supply lines? For these outposts.
10th September 2016 3:10pm
If you have the "Automotron" DLC you can build a robot in the raider outpost, and assign it as a supply line (provisioner) to any of your regular settlements. this will then share all the resources between all raider bases.
12th October 2016 3:00am
Is it possible to raid settlements on far harbor without be in conflict with minutemen???
10th September 2016 3:49pm
Hey carl. I thought I would give you an update. I don't know if it's a glitch or what but I just got all 8 outposts to 7nlock tribute chest and I've had the settler recruit beacon on in a few outposts and so far I've greeted 2 new settlers 1 in 2 diff outposts. I assigned them to farming and I have no idea if it has any impact on happyness. They are very bare bone and I dont have any vassle settlements.

My first settlement wad desciple and my first vassle was overseen by operators. Desciples turned on me and I killed them. Luckily thanks to your guide I took out all the turrets there before I unitiated the mission. So that outpost was a clean slate. However I forgot to remove them from my vassle which wad still there and overseen by operators. I'm eventually killing them all so my only solution was to choose that vassle as an outpost so I could reclaim it and remove the turrets. Since then I've had zero vassles.

Right now I'm going to keep watching this and also test if I can keep tribute chests in settlements and see if they still work after I kill every leader.
12th September 2016 2:44am
Hm, not sure how they'll work since they need someone assigned to them. Are you thinking of trying to put a tribute chest then kill them off and assign a regular settler to the chest? Let me know if that works out!
12th September 2016 10:44am
Hi Carl,

Firstly great guides.

Secondly I wanted to ask if you've noticed the following:

Typically we cannot create a supply line between a Minutemen settlement and an "Outpost". And this leaves you quite worse for wear if you want to actually build a raider settlement.

However wanting to get the trophy, I just took over random settlements and one of them was Red Rocket. Now I originally had a supply line from Sanctuary to Red Rocket and when I took it over, the supply line wasn't broken. So now, I have access to all my resources in Sanctuary (and other connected settlements) at Red Rocket and due to the sharing between Outposts, ALL outposts have access to resources. Now I can actually build a massive Raider fortress at Spectacle Island! Is this a bug? (This is PS4 btw)

PS. I tried the Automatron Workbench "hack" as as means to access resources. It didn't work. Is it supposed to? It just gave me the stuff in the Workshop which is next to nothing. However, you can make a supply line by sending a robot to your non-Outposts. Not sure if it works though due to the above situation with supply lines.

Thanks for your guides again.
12th September 2016 1:07pm
You can have a robot setup a supply line to your regular settlements, send a robot from a raider settlement to a regular settlement and it will setup a supply line. Because all raider settlements are auto connected, they will automatically share. Call them invisible supply lines.
28th September 2016 6:10pm
I can confirm the hack works. I only have The Slog as vassal settlement because it is required for the quest but I don't get anymore. I have a supply line between the raider outpost in Croup Manor and Finch Farm which is connected to the rest of my settlements. With 7 raider outposts I manage to keep them around 80 happiness, and only 1 of them has water pump.

And those Vault Tec Workshop items works for raiders too, raiders has no complaints with using the soda fountain and will play the slot machines though they have no unique dialogue when using them.
12th September 2016 9:31pm
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