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Fallout 4 Bobblehead Locations

Maps Showing Where to Find all Bobbleheads

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Big GunsEnergy WeaponsExplosivesLockpicking
Small GunsSneakSpeechUnarmed

One of my most successful Fallout 3 pieces was my list of Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations. This time, I've taken a shot of the world map for each bobblehead location. I've listed the corner of the map to look for the terrain markers so that you can tell where each building containing a bobblehead is located. Use something you've discovered, and you should be able to get there.

SPECIAL Bobbleheads

These Bobbleheads can take you to 11, but only if you wait until you've got to 10 points by investing Perk Points on Level Up first. The bonus is not worth it for most stats. For example Intelligence would only give you another 3% Experience. Some may be great to take to 11 depending on your build and how far you plan to take your character - but do you go a long time without that bonus? Endurance can make a large difference on life, however, so you may consider saving that one for later in your play if you intend to max that stat. Read my Stats Guide for more info on what each stat does for your Character.

Do get the 'You're Special!' book in Sanctuary Hills once you've returned there after events transpire. In Shaun's bedroom, you can find this magazine which will let you add +1 to any of the SPECIAL stats. However, it will not let you take one to 11.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Strength Bobblehead

Location: Mass Fusion Building, East-central Commonwealth
What it Does: +1 Strength
b>Where to Find It: Although there are some things you can't reach without being on a late-game Quest for the Brotherhood, you can get the Strength Bobblehead without that Quest. Once you've located the Mass Fusion building, work your way up, fighting the Gunners who have taken up residence here. Note that some of the walkways that lead upward are damaged and you might find a ramp up in a bathroom or office that takes you higher. When you finally reach the room marked 'Mass Fusion Balcony', then go inside another Door you will see the Strength Bobblehead on top of a giant human statue across the room. You can take it and leave by fast traveling from the balcony if you want to, assuming you're not on the Brotherhood's Mass Fusion Quest. Learn more about how Strength effects your character, as well as Strength Perks.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Perception Bobblehead

Location: Museum of Freedom, Northwestern Commonwealth
What it Does: +1 Perception
Where to Find It: Follow the early-game Quest, "When Freedom Calls". You'll find it on the desk behind Preston Garvey a couple floors up from the entrance. This is the first Bobblehead many players will find. Learn more about how Perception effects your character, as well as Perception Perks.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Bobblehead

Location: Poseidon Energy, Southeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +1 Endurance
Where to Find It: If you do not have Master-level Lockpicking, you will have a harder time getting this one. Picking the lock is a major shortcut. Everyone else needs to use the sewer entrance, so head toward the coast and into the first pipe behind the building. Use a RadX or some other means of getting high radiation resistance so that you don't die from it. Be prepared to fight mirelurks (based on your level). It's a good opportunity to get some of their eggs, as well as a lot of industrial-type materials such as abraxo cleaner and oil. Raiders have taken over this place, and you'll fight them the deeper you get. The general direction is 'up'. When you reach the room with the Chemistry Station, you will know you're very close to this Bobblehead. Kill Cutty (a Raider in Power Armor) and his goons and you're good to go. You'll find it inside the room they came from, to the left in an office on a desk. If you take the stairs up to the roof to get out, be careful as there are a large number of raiders guarding it - at least in my experience. Learn more about how Endurance effects your character, as well as Endurance Perks.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Charisma Bobblehead

Location: Parsons State Insane Aslyum, Northeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +1 Charisma
Where to Find It: You must be on the quest for Secret of Cabot House, starting with Special Delivery, in order to get this Bobblehead. Meet a man named Edward Deegan in certain Commonwealth bars, most easily Bunker Hill - just go there occasionally (it's located in East-Central Commonwealth, the monument symbol just south of the four-leaf clover in the screenshot above). That chain of quests will lead you to Jack Cabot and the Secret of Cabot House, when you can get the Bobblehead in the Insane Asylum on the desk in Cabot's office. He'll lead you right to it. Learn more about how Charisma effects your character, as well as Charisma Perks.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Intelligence Bobblehead

Location: Boston Public Library, East-Central Commonwealth - due East of Diamond City
What it Does: +1 Intelligence
Where to Find It: Look for a large computer in the north-eastern corner of the library. You'll find it sitting atop this control panel. Learn more about how Intelligence effects your character, as well as Intelligence Perks.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Agility Bobblehead

Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star, Southeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +1 Agility
Where to Find It: Tip top of the ship - on the bow, go just past the room with loot and a terminal. you'll see a boat that can be used to go down, but the bobblehead is located just past this to the right. Here's a page about finding the Agility Bobblehead on this ship. You can also Learn more about how Agility effects your character, as well as Agility Perks.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Luck Bobblehead

Location: Spectacle Island, Southeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +1 Luck
Where to Find It: On a half-sunken ship in the South-Eastern area og Spectacle Island. You can take control of this island, just be sure to be prepared to fight some mirelurks (including a Queen) or else re-engage the sonic device that keeps them away by going for the radio tower switch after flipping the switch on a boat! Learn more about how Luck effects your character, as well as Luck Perks.

Skill Bobblehead Locations

All of these reflect one of Fallout's old Skills. Along with Magazines and Perks, they are the primary means of making a strong build. You may not even need all of them, though it's nice to complete the collection.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Barter Bobblehead

Location: Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, Northeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +5% Better Prices when Buying from Vendors
Where to Find It: You can read about how great a trip to this place is in my Mystery Meat Guide. You'll find the Barter Bobblehead in an office up top, after following some catwalks. You can also find find a Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor in this same room on the desk. 10% Better prices, and one side quest marked off the list with some caps and XP to boot.

Big Guns

Map to Get Fallout 4's Big Guns Bobblehead

Location: Vault 95, Southwestern Commonwealth
What it Does: +25% Critical Damag with Big Guns (Flamer, Gatling Gun)

Energy Weapons

Map to Get Fallout 4's Energy Weapons Bobblehead

Location: Fort Hagen, Western Commonwealth
What it Does: +25% Critical Damage with Energy Weapons of any size. Absolutely wonderful with Righteous Authority and other unique Energy Weapons.
Where to Find It: Fort Hagen. You go here on the main quest. Once you're near the Command Center, you can find an adjacent hall with a cafeteria near the southwestern corner of the building. Head to the back to the kitchen, there you'll find the Energy Weapons Bobblehead. If you missed this on the first pass like I did, head to the roof where you originally saw the scene by using the staircases on the side of the building. You can use the door you unlocked to get out to take an elevator directly down to the command center. It's fast to find from there. There is a Covert Operations Manual in this same area - near the armory (master-level terminal) is a bedroom. You can find it on a nightstand there. You can get into the armory by going down a short staircase near the cafeteria, then around a corner to a tiny area with a skeleton and toolbox. Inside the toolbox is the armory password.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Explosives Bobblehead

Location: Saugus Ironworks, Northeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +15% damage with Explosives, which includes the Fat Man
Where to Find It: Saugus Ironworks, boss' room. Get to the end of this zone, and the boss will have a roof key to let you out easily. You'll find it up the ramp near a toolbox, on top of a shelf. Note you can also find a copy of Picket Fences on the floor here right under the Bobblehead, allowing you to build decorative statues in your Settlements. Down the ramp, you can find a Dampening Rod by messing with a machine. It's used in another quest, which could save you some time.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Lockpicking Bobblehead

Location: Pickman Gallery, East-central Commonwealth
What it Does: Increases the size of the sweet spot when Lockpicking


Map to Get Fallout 4's Medicine Bobblehead

Location: Vault 81, Central Commonwealth
What it Does: Increases the healing of Stimpaks from 30% to 33%.
Where to Find It: Found on Curie's desk when doing the Hole in the Wall Quest which can be found after doing some things in Vault 81 (read this for more details).


Map to Get Fallout 4's Melee Bobblehead

Location: Trinity Tower. East of Diamond City, East-Central Commonwealth
What it Does: +25% Critical Hit Damage for Melee Attacks


Map to Get Fallout 4's Repair Bobblehead

Location: Corvega Assembly Plant, West-central Commonwealth
What it Does: +10% Fusion Core duration for Power Armor
Where to Find It: At the top of a large complex of stairs and towers, accessible after leaving the encounter with Jared and his goons in the main room with the Protectron. From this room, exit through the door marked Commonwealth. Please note this area is a huge and you'll have to do some exploring to get there. Navigate the catwalks to reach another rooftop. Look further up the building on the top of a tall tower in the furthest corner, where the bobblehead can be found at a dead end.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Science Bobblehead

Location: Malden Middleschool, Northeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +1 Hack Attempts
You can learn about hacking here.

Small Guns

Map to Get Fallout 4's Small Guns Bobblehead

Location: Gunners Plaza, South-Eastern Commonwealth
What it Does: +25% critical damage from one-handed ballistic weapons
Where to Find It: Inside, head west once you're past the Gunners guarding the main rooms. You'll encounter at least 2 large fights. It's found behind the door marked 'On the Air', but with a Master-level lock. You can find the key by locating the elevator (SE of the On the Air Room, down the hall), which will take you to the basement. Find the staircase up to the catwalk, and look for the Gunner named Ryder. He has the recording room key, as does a gunner on the 2nd floor, south central side. Note that you can also find Guns and Bullets (+5% ballistic critical damage, independent of weapon size) on the 2nd floor of this building (use the double sided staircase), in a filing room just south of the main chamber where you first fought gunners.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Sneak Bobblehead

Location: Dunwich Borers, Northeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: Makes you permanently 10% harder to detect when Sneaking.
Where to Find It: Northeastern Commonwealth. You'll need to go down inside the quarry, to load the actual mine which is infested with Raiders. Note the 'station 1 terminal'. You're looking for #4. There is an Astoundingly Awesome Tales (+5% less damage from robots) near where you fight Bedlam, on an Armor Workbench. Continue on past the first flashback, and you'll find yourself in Section 4. There, you'll see the section 4 terminal and the Sneak Bobblehead on a shelf. I have a guide to sneaking here. This bobblehead is quite effective at helping with that.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Speech Bobblehead

Location: Inside Vault 114, which is reached through Park Street Station
What it Does: Gives shops +100 extra Caps when Bartering.
Where to Find It: I have not tested whether or not you're able to get this Bobble without being on the quest Unlikely Valuentine, which will come up if you pursue the main Quest - shortly after Diamond City, so it's not too far in, and a worthwhile quest. You'll find it toward the end of that quest, in the room where Nick Valentine is being held.


Map to Get Fallout 4's Unarmed Bobblehead

Location: Atom Cats Garage, far Southeastern Commonwealth
What it Does: Permanent +25% Unarmed Critical Hit Damage
Where to Find It: One of few you can get without any violence at all. Seek it at the Atom Cats Garage, in the main garage on the hood of a car. An easy find, and this place is wonderful for purchasing Power Armor mods. You can also find Hot Rodder Magazine in the camper/trailer in the back of the lot.

That's all 20!

There are the locations for all 20 Bobbleheads, and I hope this helps you to find them. As stated above, I will fill in more descriptions - for many of you simply knowing the correct building will help you more than anything.

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