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Fallout 4 Puzzles in Best Left Forgotten

Solution to the Memory Game and How to Finish It

The DiMA puzzles in Fallout 4 can be hard The final 3 DiMA puzzles - especially the last one - can be very difficult. The last is a whole new level of tough for most players, while the other mechanics are simple if you learn the basics.

So you do not think this is just text, I do have a full-res screenshot of the full solution below with descriptions for each step of the way

Once you access the terminal in the Children of Atom's base, however you did it, you'll have to hack DiMA's old security measures to access his logs. Each log tells a piece of the story which I will not spoil here. These are simply tips for Accessing DiMA's Memories. You'll be put into something similar to Fallout 4's Settlement construction mode, which acts as a kind of reverse tower defense game combined with Portal. You'll be filling gaps so the little data collectors can walk across to the data store, where they will get it in 20% chunks. You can expect resistance once you complete the path, so have defenses to place to bring down the system security. It's very odd, but kind of fun! If you fall off, you will not lose any progress, and if you have to leave it will let you return to the level that you were playing. There are 5 levels in total.

Firewall weak point in the best left forgotten computer hacking quest Apparently in computer hacking, this is a firewall weak point. Aiming a beam at it will eliminate it.

Level 3-4 Tips to Retrieve Memories

The Infamous Last Puzzle

Halfway done with the DiMA memory puzzle in Far Harbor The last DiMA puzzle in Best Left Forgotten - your halfway mark is to get the beam redirected to the green blocks that change its direction and make it come out the other area. This involves bringing down a couple of firewalls.
  • How to do the block puzzle (Level 5) - To make this easier I'm calling the goal south, and where the beam is located 'north'. Before you pull your hair out like many people probably did, realize you can build a bridge to get an extra relay block just across from the entrance. Take ALL blocks from the central platform before departing.
  • Head north - the opposite direction of the goal to get to the beam. Dig through the pyramid to remove any holes. You need to take out all the blocks to get you inside, then dig into the pyramid and remove blocks that prevent the beam going through. The relay is a couple of blocks too low to hit the redirection block that is across the chasm to the west. Store it, put 2 blocks on the central block that juts up, then make the beam face that firewall weak point. Before doing anything else, head to the north and take every single block you can from that structure. We want a beam to pass through it, and need them to build.
  • Level 5 Puzzle Part 3 - Now cross to the west and build a bridge to the South. It's just a structure full of blocks, about 15 actually. Take all of them, then remove the bridge behind you. You have plenty of blocks to do the next part.
  • Level 5 Help part 4 - Halfway there! - Now we can make a beam hit the weakness box on top of the firewall to the northwest corner. Bring the relay box up to the appropriate height to hit that weak point on top. The block that was inside can be elevated to shoot across the map to the east and hit the special block that activates the green relays. The beam will now come out vertically to the east of the central pyramid. Remember that we're able to leave blocks floating, so take the extra code blocks to help you reach the chasm.
  • How to finish the last dima puzzle in fallout 4 far harbor This is the final thing you need to build to finish this awful puzzle. See below for how the whole map will look
  • Level 5 - The Last Firewall - Go back to the center and take every regular code block for bridging purposes, but leave the relay kind to allow the beam to stay in its new location. After building a bridge to the new area the beam's coming out, place a block from the ceiling so you can put a relay in the center and point it south at the same height as the weak point in the firewall.
  • Stage 5 How to Finish - Now, it's just a matter of building bridges to get the remaining relays. You will need 3 total relays to do the last step, so go build and destroy bridges to get to them. You have what you need, and if you do what is in the example picture below, you'll be able to send the beam across to the first bridge you built, through the entrance (which I initially thought would break it) and to the final firewall weak point.
  • Final Build - Starting on the ledge above the beam emitter, make a construct that will have the beam hitting a relay elevated EXACTLY 3 blocks up from the level area around the entrance. The weakness in the final firewall is the third square up. This first relay should point to the south. Third square up. I'm describing this in case the screenshot doesn't do it for you. Now, send the beam west and across toward the start with another relay. It will cross the side of the pyramid that is close to the entrance. Build a 2 block pedestal with regulars, and a third that is a relay, point it toward the exit, it will fly through the entrance area. IF it was the right height, you're DONE! If not, tweak it a tad so it hits that weak point.
  • Well your little bugs need across, so you do need some blocks back. Just leave the emitters alone for god's sake.
  • This is the path of the beam when the map is finished. Note the right side. We send it across.

    Best Left Forgotten Part 2

    When You're Done
    If you came here for the puzzle, check my page about the Best Left Forgotten Quest and DiMA's Secrets (which mainly implores you to pace yourself) before you go talk to any faction leaders. You learn a lot about the Island's history from DiMA's memories, but I'll write no spoilers here. You can go further and begin uncovering the secrets of the Wind Farm, Nuke Codes, and Avery in Best Left Forgotten Part 2, part of my Endings Guide.

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