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Fallout 4: Nuka World

Power Play Quest Walkthrough and Ending

Fallout 4 Nuka World Power Plant The Power Plant is shut down, depriving the park of its lighting and preventing access to certain areas.

Power Play is the final quest of the Nuka World DLC, allowing you to be finished with raider quests and able to set up an empire of Raider Outposts throughout the commonwealth and subjugate its citizens. Power to the plant will be restored, allowing you access to more areas of Nuka World.

Plan Ahead
For information on how to finish the game with the Pack, Disciples, or Operators see 'Which Gang Leaves' and plan well before this quest. The Quest begins with Shank informing you one of the gangs has left and taken control over the park's power station, an area previously locked. Only this or Open Season can restore park power. While this quest hardly needs a walkthrough, I want the guide to be complete and I was curious if Open Season could be declared after completing Power Play. The answer to those who ask is, 'yes'.

Which Gang Leaves?

The raider faction that splits and takes over the power plant is determined by land ownership. Essentially, giving two factions more land than the other (I believe in combination between outposts in the Commonwealth AND the park areas) will make the remaining one feel jilted. Since this is going to happen regardless of what you do, it'd be better to favor the two with the perks you want and give them all or most of the land. I don't recommend giving them ANY settlements as for the moment I can't guarantee you can take them back, although it is possible. You can tell when a faction is growing angry, as their members will start talking about putting a bullet in your head.

Meet the Gang Leaders

Fallout 4 raider faction leaders - Mags, William A meeting with the faction leaders outside the power plant. It can only end in bloodshed.

The leaders of the two factions you favored will meet you near the power plant, ready for action. The other gang has killed some of their goons, and they're ready for justice. As far as I'm aware, you can't talk them out of it. Raiders being raiders, it makes sense.

Storming the Power Plant

Fallout 4 Nuka World Power Plant Fighting to get into the power plant - the entrance is in the back, and there are snipers on the roof.

What follows is one of the most action-packed sequences of the DLC. The Power Plant is overrun with members of the rival gang. Nuka World Power Plant's entrance is on the opposite direction from which you're coming, so you'll face some resistance from both the ground and rooftop. If your ranged skills are awful, don't worry - you can get at these guys later in the quest.


Fallout 4 fighting inside the power plant of nuka world Fallout 4 getting to the power plant roof to restore power

The place is a bit confusing with all the catwalks, but you've got 2 or more NPCs with you who know the way. The general direction to go is up, but you may come across some decent loot - a full suit of X-01 Mk. 3 awaited me behind an advanced security terminal in the basement. You're battling your way to the roof, looking for a ladder at the top of the catwalks.

Fallout 4

Confront the leader of the Pack, Operators, or Disciples here, along with a few goons. Prepare to have several firing on you at once, so go out healed and watch for grenades in what is an initially tight space. The faction leader should have a decent amount of health, but nothing like Colter - more like a Deathclaw.

Restore Power to Nuka World

Fallout 4  restoring the power to the park in Nuka World The park's power is restored, and you can explore areas previously locked. A Settlement is available at the Red Rocket near the park.

Now you can loot their body for the key and restore power to the plant. This unlocks some areas you could not explore before, park rides, and allows you to make a Settlement at the red rocket near the amusement park.

Getting Rewards

Fallout 4 Nuka World - the reward for completing all the quests Your reward for completing all Nuka World quests are perks for the two raider factions you favored. All are powerful, but which you'd want most depends upon your build. For a ranged character, this was the best option.

Speak to Gage to wrap up the quest, and you'll get the perks for the two factions you were most generous to - that was predetermined by your actions in land division earlier in the quests. You may now resume other things, explore more of the park, or expand your raider empire.

Can You Do Open Season After Power Play?

It would seem that you can! I just completed this quest, and it actually had one of the four targets checked off. In fact, I think it'll be a bit easier to finish without the Disciples (in my case) to kill as well as the other two gangs. Now, do bear in mind that in doing Home Sweet Home you lose all your standing with Preston Garvey and he'll hate you forever. He won't give you quests or join you as a companion, so doing Open Season is something you'd do before pissing him off that much. This DLC is meant to let you play as a raider and be the bad guy, but Bethesda gave an out to people who don't want to do that. If you just want to explore the park, gear up and save yourself the trouble of losing settlements and allies permanently by doing going Open Season on the raiders of Nuka World when you start the Home Sweet Home quest.

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