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Fallout 4: Respawning

Enemy and Loot Reset Rates & Cleared Areas

A cleared area in Fallout 4 - will it respawn enemies and will loot reset? Do cleared areas reset in Fallout 4? Yes - entire zones do, although how long this takes is up for debate.

I've seen this asked dozens of times so thought I'd let my readers know that yes, like in other Bethesda games, enemies come back to locations you've cleared in Fallout 4. I suppose this comes up because the game's map tags areas you've finished as 'Cleared'. This just means you've found the majority of loot/cleared most enemies.

Loot can be found all over again when it resets This Mr. Handy Fuel outside Super Duper Mart always reappears, as do many other placed items that are not 'special', like Power Armor and Bobbleheads

Some static items, like Mr. Handy Fuel outside Super Duper Mart will always come back. Enemies will reappear inside, ready to be slaughtered all over again and their bodies looted. If you can't take it over as a workshop, it'll respawn. Consider places like Corvega Assembly Plant - of course some new raider scum are going to set up base although the others are dead. The same bosses won't come back, but you'll usually find a 'leader' who is stronger than the others. Safe havens are scarce in the waste and there are always going to be new scum to take those places over, you can't stop crime entirely even with a government. Yes this is me putting a positive spin on this mechanic.

Enemies respawn in cleared areas in Fallout 4 Enemies coming back is not a bad thing - it's more chance to hunt for Legendary gear and customize your character.

How Soon Do They Respawn?
Some players say it takes only 3 days for them to see new enemies in a location they'd previously cleared, though the game files state that it is 7 days for outdoors, and 20 days for [Cleared] areas to reset. This means the area inside a cleared zone will respawn faster than the loot outside.

Since fast travel times are based on your distance from point A to B, it's not awful to stop by little gas stations, grocers, and stores like that on your way back to your main base (assuming you have carry weight left), in order to collect a few extra materials. It just depends how much time has passed, as to whether these pit stops are worth it.

Interrupting Resets
This is what makes getting the exact time for resets down a difficult task. Evidently, entering a 'cell' on the map can cause its timer to start over, meaning it will take longer for that cell to reset. If you want a certain area to reset, you'd need to rest in an area away from that cell (a bit across the map) or else inside, while avoiding the area if you're traveling. Cells are roughly squares on the map. If you're in an area where you had to load to enter it, you're safe to sleep and wait on the reset but it will take a lot of time.

Problems, and a Flaw in Fallout 4 - Enemy Level Ranges Locking
This fact makes me want to level up in the Northwestern and Central Commonwealth exclusively. When you first enter an area, the enemies' levels will be locked in a range appropriate for your level. The difference may not be large, say the area may first spawn at level 10-20, and if you're low (9) it will be 10. If you're over it, the cap is set at 20. Every time it respawns, those enemies will now be that same level. Not all enemies are set this way, but a majority seem to be. Also, you may see new enemies walking around (Supermutant Behemoths) that were not there at low level. This is randomness, those same enemies can be there even early in the game. There is a mod to fix this on Nexus, which will make enemies continually scale with player level.

I just want to point this out so that players know that newly discovered destinationswill be the best for locating new types of weapons later in the game, because not all enemies in previously visited areas will be in the 40s-50s with you and capable of carrying assault rifles, gauss rifles, fat men, and other desireable weapons. So exploring new parts of the map at higher level is going to find you better loot, period. You'll lock those areas in. Enemies can go up to level 60-100 depending on the type (Gunners, Brotherhood Paladins, Deathclaws and Yao Guai all have very high level variants that can spawn).

Better Loot, but More Dangerous
A little off-topic but the danger level of enemies increases the further east, southeast, and south you go from Sanctuary - so the fringes of the map will have higher level enemies than the areas you start in, which is appropriate. Players who go far Southeast and run into Gunners early in their adventures will find them a real challenge because their gear will outclass you and you won't have many perks.

Safes will contain leveled loot on the next visit to a cleared area Safes may have newly leveled loot. I didn't find missiles the first time I opened this safe at low level, but now it's there with .50 caliber ammo as well!

What Resets?
Safes, toolboxes, and other locked objects will fully reset, allowing you to pick them again. Terminals and Protectrons will reset, meaning you can hack them all over again. All this is great, or else a long-term high level game in Fallout 4 would gradually drain the world of resources and make it so that you just cannot continue.

Traps come back too Be careful, traps may reset too!

The only things that do not respawn are placed loot like Power Armor frames, Fusion Cores, special weapons, and bobbleheads. I've heard magazines can reset and can provide you a different copy (rarely) though if it's the same you will not get the Perk again, just something to sell unless you're collecting every one you find. Anything you're only meant to get once can't be picked up again, but as for supplies and enemies to kill for XP and loot, they'll come back and you'll get to level into the hundreds without running dry. Going back to previously explored places may even be fun, as there will be stronger enemies since you've leveled up.

Even protectrons come back with time This Protectron has been killed 4-5 times by my character. I don't need his help with the ghouls, but I'll take his circuit board.

This mainly applies to the southwestern, northeastern, and southeastern Commonwealth. Many areas near the starting zone just never have powerful enemies, aside from the random Deathclaw or Supermutant Behemoth encounter past level 40. My example - Super Duper Mart - is always full of weak Ghouls. Scrap Palace, a Supermutant base near the Southwestern Commonwealth will have NPCs like Supermutant Masters.

Shops Reset, too.
From personal experience, Shops seem to reset every few days - not a month like other places. They'll have new items and caps available to you, which greatly helps for some vendors as you can buy rare parts like ballistic weave and circuitry. This means if you've set up your own shops in your settlement and go out and do a couple of quests, those shops will be ready to take your unneeded guns and other items all over again.

So based on where you've been, you can head back for more action and clear zones over and over as time passes. Try and keep track of those places that served as raider/supermutant bases. Quest areas, like Fort Hagen, are boring to re-run, but there are only a few places like this.

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It seems that 3 days for inside locations to respawn (make sure your not close to the area while resting)

For outside it looks to be 2 weeks to 1 month, but it will reset the timer if you get close to the location in question before the wait period is over.
Maybe that's why it's been a month since the Mr. Handy fuel I've been watching for is respawn on just isn't there. It's outside super duper, the place I chose to watch for this guide. My visits ma have also reset the clock as you said! Just might check the inside for a respawn, thanks for showing us the difference. I may edit the guide to reflect that, just in case someone sees your comment and thinks you repeated info in it. Thank you.
2nd January 2016 8:51am
I've witnessed the grenade trap reset in the scrapyard.. close to Corvega, you know, the one with the Children of Atom.
Funnily enough only the grenade reset, not the tripwire for some reason <.<

Also, good to know about interupting resets, since I play Survival mode I've done this alot since I have a Trade-route I follow wheneverly when Trudy, Carla, Abbernathy and Graygarden resets their Shipment / Junk stocks.

Also, will download the infinite level scaling mod :3 Hopefully it'll add some challenge since I just hit level 50 the other day :)
24th May 2016 4:49am
Yeah, it's really refreshing to go to Far Harbor, and find everything scaled to my level pretty much. Of course there are easy areas, but I'd gone a very long time without seeing a Mirelurk King and the trappers are more dangerous than most raiders I've encountered in the Commonwealth. Going from just 1-30 you do visit a lot of areas and it seems like they'll never respawn really powerful enemies. I might try that infinite level scaling mod myself whenever I'm done writing on the DLC.
24th May 2016 9:10am
can i speak? so ***** i started at highest difficulty stats dont say i survived that number of lvl now i constantly feel in conflict for not restarting
9th June 2016 4:14pm
Hi all switched follower ADA For Nick Valentine as I was doing Far Harbor and came across something....He can only carry so much stuff I GIVE him (like All followers)...however if I ASK him to pick something up the quantify he can carry seems this a glitch or normal for all followers?? Cheers Rocknpop!
23rd July 2016 9:54am
Looks like it's a known bug, but a useful one that affects all companions. Maybe that's why they haven't bothered to fix it.
23rd July 2016 10:19am
Actually, this has been an ongoing bug since fallout 3, and oblivion, working in both the elder scrolls and fallout series for quite some time.
3rd February 2017 6:25am
I love fallout
30th April 2017 1:41pm
justin smith
i just wanted to say that fusion cores do respawn. ive picked the same one up off a table about a dozen times now and im trying the 20 day wait period right now to see if it resets all the trays in the Mahkra fish packing plant. its respawned these several times but i want to know how long it takes first hand.
8th June 2017 12:10pm
justin smith
well i musta been to close to fish packing plant cause it didnt reset but everywhere else on the map did after waitin 20 in game days
8th June 2017 12:42pm
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