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Fallout 4: VANS Perk

Intelligence Perk Strategies & How Best to Use Them

The VANS Perk in Fallout 4 Hold the VATS button to trigger VANS. The path will display for 3-5 seconds, showing the way. Is this perk worth it? That's up to you.

The VANS Perk offers to show you the way to your nearest Quest destination in Fallout 4. Here's how the Perk works and what you can expect if you put the one point into this navigation bonus:

V.A.N.S. Perk
RankRequiresPerk DescriptionPerk ID
1INT 1Let Vault-Tec guide you! The path to your closest quest target is displayed in V.A.T.S.207d1

VANS PerkGameplay Effects & Utility
Hold the VATS button to use this Perk. When you do, a glowing path as pictured above will show you the way to the nearest Quest destination. The path also sticks around for a moment so that you can follow it around corners and see where to go next without again triggering VANS. If you want to truly take control of this, you'll need to go into your Pip-boy and unmark some quests as it is literally looking for the closest target in terms of distance.

No direct path seen using VANS in Fallout 4 I'm in a building unrelated to my quest and only a locked door and elevator lead out, so VANS cannot show me the way.

When elevators or locked doors are involved, or you're in a building completely unrelated to the quest, the Perk may fail and say 'No Direct path seen'. This means you've either got to get outdoors, or through some door that is blocking your path. In combat, it shouldn't interfere with your view. The path only displays if you hold the button down, so that's a plus.

Honestly, this is probably a waste of a Perk point for most players. The compass does an excellent job of displaying Quest destinations if you keep your Quest log managed well. When you're in a building, it will show you if it's above or below, and what direction you need to make it to, even if you must go around things to get there. VANS would show you the direct path through a building, but that doesn't mean this is a good thing. Many of the best loot in Fallout 4 is found off the beaten path by exploring. If you just want to rush through this game, or you do not have a good sense of direction, VANS IS an excellent Perk choice, but I do not recommend it to the majority of players.

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See my Far Harbor Guide for new features in the DLC. There, you can also watch the trailer and view new weapons that can be found. The area is massive, so we can expect plenty of quests and exploration in a foggy, rugged area with new and challenging creatures to battle.

Pleae note there are different endings for this DLC, something we all wanted! It's like the actual end-game of FO4 in that you can choose the outcome.

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Automatron Guides & Walkthrough

The final quest Restoring Order (Mechanist Fight/Options) is now available. I've also released a page that describes Getting Started in Automatron to accompany the main page about the DLC. This covers how to make the Robot Workbench to begin making your own Automatrons, and walks you through the first two quests while providing some tips for fighting the Mechanist's creations. Quest 3 Walkthrough: Headhunting is also live on the site.

Robots in Automatron New
Mechanist's Lair, Eyebots, and Rogue Robots covers what happens after the Mechanist story is complete.

Perks & Bobbleheads

Now that I've written about all Perks in Fallout 4, I've put them all in a list, with how they work, what you can expect, and my own opinions on them. Hope this is handy! I've also compiled map shots of all Bobblehead Locations in the game. You can choose to explore the locations on your own or read descriptions for those I've taken notes about.

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