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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: Islander's Alamanc Magazines

Mapped Locations for All 5 Issues and Their Benefits

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Islander's Almanac Magazine Locations Each of the 5 Islander's Almanac Magazines gives you a unique bonus. The first helps you find the other four.

Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC features a new type of collectible magazine - the Islander's Almanac. Each issue of the magazine gives a different bonus, based around survival on the Island. Here are maps and descriptions to help you collect all 5 of the magazines. The list is roughly in the order the average player would find them via Questing, assuming going to Acadia first with Longfellow. The last one is last for a reason. Those after the first are numbered in your Perks menu.

Magazine 1: Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide

Location: Far Harbor (the actual town)
Where to Find It: Inside The Last Plank bar. It's on a table next to Old Longfellow.
What it Does: Marks points of interest throughout the Island on your map. Not too many, but you want to find some places yourself!

Magazine 2: Children of Atom Expose (Issue 4)

Issue 4 of Islander's Almanac is found here You can get this on your first trip to Acadia

Location: Acadia
Where to Find It: Down one floor from DiMA. You use the stairway near the entrance. Look to the large room at the end of the hall. There you'll find it lying on a counter to the left.
What it Does: Reduces damage from Radiation-based attacks by 10%, a great boost given all the creatures and Children of Atom attacks it can help mitigate. It does not affect environmental radiation at all.

Magazine 3: Recipe Roundup

National Park Visitor's Center Magazine Location Finding the Islander's Almanac will give you sludge recipes This one is easy to get before you ever go to Acadia, it's just in the opposite direction. The four recipes can be utilized to make condensed fog into useful items.

Location: National Park Visitor's Center
Where to Find It: Walk inside, to the right is a counter where you'll find it easy to spot.
What it Does: Unlocks sludge-based recipes for the chemistry station. These require Condensed Fog to make, which you'll find here and there on the island. There are 4 recipes that are unlocked, all granting bonuses based on Radiation levels somehow. One raises Action Point regeneration the higher your rad level, another Strength based on radiation level, a third Damage Resistance, and finally one which lowers your Rad Resist by -150 but increases max HP by 75. All of these last 12 minutes.

Magazine 4: Precision Hunting

Brooke's Head Lighthouse in Fallout 4 Far Harbor has another Islander's Almanac Magazine for you to collect Brooke's Head Lighthouse is the location of the last Almanac

Location: Brooke's Head Lighthouse
Where to Find It: You can get this one while on a Quest for Cassie Dalton if you help avenge her bloodline. Head to the back of the ruined building to get into the lighthouse. Up 4 levels around the curved stairs, outside, up another level and find it on a table in the far corner.
What it Does: Increases VATS hit chance against animals by 5%. Better than Perception point for that purpose.

Magazine 5: Pincer Dodge

Map to the Almanac Look for the door to go inside this quarry in Fallout 4 The stairs inside the quarry lead you to the almanac At last, the almanac. You'll find it here, probably after a lot of combat. Definitely the hardest one to pick up, with a very very specific purpose that is certainly useful on The Island given the Mirelurks.

Location: Northwood Ridge Quarry
Where to Find It: Substantially harder than the other issues, so I'm listing this one last. A mirelurk infested area with a heavily fortified trapper base sums up Northwood Ridge Quarry. Kill all the Mirelurks, and you may even face a Queen. Look for the area in the screenshot and head down to the door that has a turret above it and a caution sign. Go inside, past the can chimes and up the stairs. It's near the trunk on a small table (in the screenshot above).
What it Does: Reduces the damage of Mirelurk melee attacks by 5%.

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