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Far Harbor: Ending Choices

Your Options and Rewards for Various Faction Endings

Possible Endings for the Far Harbor Fallout 4 DLC The Acadia's Shield Armor is one of various rewards for wrapping up the main quest in the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC

Similar to how the player may have difficulty in determining who is the bad guy in the base game, Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC is chock full of moral gray areas. It's not clear exactly who is the worst and what outcome is deserved for the residents and individuals involved in the shady things that have happened on The Island. It is impossible to write about this without the inevitable..


DiMA's Secrets: A Summary
DiMA has hidden away access to options that can destroy both Far Harbor or the Children of Atom. To protect them, he hid these memories even from himself, though he's a morally questionable Synth anyway. Is he bad? It's hard to say. The power to Far Harbor can be shut down, allowing the fog to overtake it. There is a nuke aboard the submarine that can be used to destroy the Children of Atom. Theoretically all factions can be destroyed because of this, leaving the island mostly void of sentient life.

DiMA DID kill Captain Avery of Far Harbor and replace her with a Synth so that she could keep the citizens in line. You probably know all of this if you're here, but some people are more interested in the rewards than the storyline.

So, these things all allow you to make various choices, with numerous different combinations. You can choose a faction to side with - one of the three (Children of Atom, DiMA and Acadia, or the citizens of Far Harbor) and join them in assaulting or using the Nuke/Wind Turbine shutdown to eliminate one or the other. Which you side with will make your options variable, and I may miss some combinations.

If you notice things happening differently for you, remember that there are a number of possible orders you can do this AND that multiple faction leaders are involved. If you attack Acadia (or the Brotherhood/Institute does), then go after the Nuke launch key or Wind Farm Kill Switch, you can eliminate the residents of Far Harbor via a quest from Tektus, or use the nuclear launch key to destroy the Children of Atom.

Options for Endings

You Can Be So Evil They Hate You

Destroyer of Acadia Perk in Fallout 4 Far Harbor The Destroyer of Acadia Perk is rewarded no matter how you destroy Acadia

If you wipe out more than a couple of factions, at least in DiMA and Avery's case, they wonder how you could create so much bloodshed. If you go a route that leads to this much death and destruction, be sure you've bought all the things you might want (like the Kiloton Radium Gun from Children of Atom).

The 'Good' Ending

The "best" ending is to try to find peace between all the Island's factions. Even if the Children of Atom are nuts, they do not necessarily deserve to die. Is DiMA bad? Well he did what he had to do. It's all up for debate, but the best ending and the one that results in you being treated best is to try to get them all through this and negotiate peace.

Two Main Quests

Two main quests dictate the ending - first 'The Way Life Should be' which will determina Acadia's fate. Second, 'Cleansing the Land'. Will you wipe out either Far Harbor or the Children of Atom?

The Way Life Should Be: Avery's Murder - Killing DiMA or Wiping out Acadia

Getting DiMA murdered in Far Harbor You can convince DiMA to turn himself in for killing Avery.

After a trip to the Vim soda factory and DiMA's secret medical facility, you'll be able to get confirmation from the Dr. in Far Harbor that the evidence you found did indeed belong to Avery. You can now either:

The Nuclear Launch Key - Cleansing the Land

Getting Tektus to blow himself and his Children of Atom followers up in Fallout 4 Far Harbor Tektus can be convinced to initiate 'Division' on the Nucleus and detonate the Nuke directly, ascending his followers.

You can use this to destroy the Children of Atom. You can even pass a speech check with Tektus and he will do so willingly, eager to meet the Division (one of their radical beliefs). Destroying the Children of Atom in this way will earn you the Far Harbor Survivalist Perk, which gives you +5 to all resistances.

Cleansing the Land is the Quest you will complete, whether you had it or not. DiMA can give it to you, you can go do it yourself, or con Tektus into doing it.

Wind Turbine Kill Switch - Cleansing the Land

Far Harbor Survivalist Perk in Fallout 4 You can get the Far Harbor Survivalist Perk if you side with Far Harbor. Siding with Children of Atom gives you the Crusader of Atom Perk which grants more damage the higher your Rads.

The Wind Turbine Kill Switch disables Far Harbor's power, stopping their Fog Condensers and allowing the fog to overtake the town. There is no grand assault on them, it just causes them to be overrun and die. This, too, is the Cleansing the Land Quest. You will get the Crusader of Atom Perk if you did this for the CoA. The Crusader of Atom Perk reward will raise your damage the higher your Rads. Speaking with the leader of the Children should also get you Atom's Bulwark. So this quest branches in two directions and you can either wipe out FH or CoA to get a different Perk.

What's the Best Ending for Fallout 4: Far Harbor?

Lucky Eddie is a gun with +2 Luck Lucky Eddie is not that great a gun, nor is Far Harbor Survivalist a great Perk. What's the best reward?

That's subjective, but you can indeed broker peace between the three factions, and get some useful perks and gear in the process:

For agreeing to the Reformation Quest, you'll get Acadia's Shield, a Synth armor chest piece with +1 INT, AGI, and END.

If you then complete Reformation, you will get Protector of Acadia Perk which gives you 1000 damage/energy resistance for 30 seconds when brought to low health. A powerful perk, especially for survival players and when combined with armor that slows time when damaged. Super great. It may or may not be bugged at the moment but we can expect a fix if so - so I'm writing this to be more future-proof. Additionally, talking to the High Confessor will give you Atom's Bulwark, a piece of Marine Armor (chest) that gives you higher resistances based on your rads.

Reformation brings Brother Markus back and the fanatical High Confessor Tektus is gone. This allows peace between the people of Acadia, Far Harbor, and the Children of Atom. You'll also get the chance to talk to Kasumi and get the Close to Home Quest to wrap up this chain. Finally, you can tell her parents of her fate and conclude the main quest of Far Harbor. In case you didn't note it above, Kasumi is NOT a synth so sending her home is probably most appropriate.

Special Perks

Is Kasumi a Synth? Is Kasumi a Synth? The loot says no - no component, Kasumi's not a synth.

While Far Harbor Survivalist (Siding with Far Harbor and Destroying Children of Atom) and Crusader of Atom (Side with CoA and destroy Far Harbor) for more damage with higher rads are not very good, you surely noted the two great perks - Destroyer of Acadia or Protector of Acadia, above. This is perhaps the biggest thing to affect your character long-term. They both trigger at 20% health - one reduces damage, one increases the damage you deal. You will get the second one no matter how you take out Acadia, including should the Brotherhood or Institute come in (because you told them. The first is better in my eyes given when it triggers, and many survival players will agree due to it reducing damage and helping with healing through damage. It's up to you, really, all of it. I've just tried to investigate and help your own decision-making. Do what you will with The Island and its factions. Choose your own ending. It's your game to play.

Choosing to tell the Brotherhood or Institute AFTER completing Reformation will not allow you to get both the Protector and Destroyer of Acadia Perks.

If I missed something, please share with us below.

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