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See a full list of guides on the Nuka World page. I've written over a dozen in just a week and plan to continue. There is much more to this DLC, it will just take time to write it all. Check back for more. Comment on the appropriate page if you have a tip to share with other readers.

Fallout 4 Nuka World: Raider Settlements

Making Raider Outposts, Vassals, and The Wasteland Warlord Perk

Overboss creates outposts in Fallout 4 Nuka World Playing Overboss in Fallout 4 Nuka World. Help your raiders expand to the Commonwealth with Outposts

Once you've claimed all five areas of the park in the Grand Tour quest, you'll get to begin establishing a raider foothold in the Commonwealth. Raider Settlements are called Outposts, to distinguish them from the peaceful towns of law-abiding citizenry. Settlements directed to supply food and materials to your raiders are termed vassals. This Guide will teach you some of the things that differ from the Settlements system, some of which you likely already know. As you create more raider outposts, you'll unlock ranks of the Wasteland Warlord Perk, which gives you more build options in outposts.

Shank & The Home Sweet Home Quest

Shank in Fallout 4 Nuka World Shank is your go-to for setting up new jobs. He'll make sure backup's there when you plan to attack a Settlement.

Shank is your go-to for starting outposts for the Raiders and will give you quests much like Preston Garvey, only after the third Outpost is established you're in control of when you get them unless a rival gang attacks. Here's a summary of what you must do during Home Sweet Home, which will teach you a lot about the system. I'll try to throw in some tips for each section.

Making Raider Outposts

Raider flag at outpost in Fallout 4 Nuka World. There's now a special raider category in the workshop menu. Build the raider flag of the group you suggested when you're done conquering. This claims the territory for them and earns you more favor with the gang.

When you talk to Shank, you will first need to choose whether you want to attack or talk settlers into leaving Settlements. He offers you a list each time, and you can indeed attack your own established places, though sometimes an unclaimed settlement comes up in the options. The latter are much easier to attack, especially if you've built up defenses at your own settlements.

Attacking Settlements

The minutemen help defend settlements against raider attack. Playing as a raider, naturally you'll have to kill Minutemen. This will make Preston Garvey hate you, but fear not - you can still complete the game with that faction if it's your only option.

You can select to work with one of the three raider gangs when you attack a settlement. As noted above the difficulty depends on whether you've built there. If you had a Settlement with residents set up with great gear and heavy turrets, it's going to be much harder. You only get 3-4 raiders to work with you.

Before the attack, you do have the option of giving the raiders better gear than they already have - if it is a particularly hard Settlement, this may be smart, but otherwise is not worth doing. You will kill every settler that lives there, and these new guys will be the residents. It is possible you could give a guard assignment to a raider you armed.

Talking Settlers into Leaving

A speech check to intimidate settlers into giving you the outpost in Fallout 4 Nuka World The speech checks can be hard, but greatly reduced if there are outposts nearby and you've built a radio transmitter.

This option is only really viable if you have decent Charisma or caps to spare. The Settlement will eventually pay for itself thanks to tribute, so the caps are not a big issue. You get an initial speech check with two options - intimidation. Succeeding in this one will not make the settlers leave, but will make it easier to pass the next, which is the one that actually gets them to leave. You also get a 60% reduction in the amount of caps it will cost to bribe them off their land if you succeed in intimidation. The second check's difficulty is high as well, but reduced by the first. You pass, and they'll leave. You can then use the workshop.

succeeding in intimidating a settler in Fallout 4 Nuka World Successful intimidation via speech check or a face pounding, combined with the Nuka World radio transmitter can reduce costs to convert a settlement to 1/5 the usual price.

Bribery Costs
This applies to both taking over a Settlement to make an Outpost and getting one to supply your outposts:

Failing and Just Killing Them All
When you set out to take a Settlement for the Raider Gangs, you lose control of the workshop at that particular settlement. Because I was curious if you could resort to killing them by yourself and taking it over for the raiders. I tested this, but it doesn't work. Even if you go as a raider and fail to intimidate the Settlers into leaving, killing them all (currently) results in you fighting to regain control over the workshop, but not able to build a raider flag. You're basically resetting that Settlement to 0 population. The quest will fail, though you may be able to try again one day.

Nuka World Radio Transmitter: Scaring Settlements

A Nuka World radio transmitter in fallout 4 is used to recruit new raiders to the gang The Nuka World radio transmitter helps intimidate settlements and should help attract new raiders to your gangs.

The purpose of Nuka Radio is to intimidate Settlements and let them know the raiders are coming. These cost about the same materials as a normal settlement transmitter. Though the game does not properly display the reduction, speech checks become easier, with the price to bribe cut in half. They'll still show as red, but there is an increase in the likelihood of success. Secondly, these transmit and attract more raiders to join the associated gang.

The problem with these is the silliness of the system. You're tasked with the option of making a new transmitter with each conquest, even if one is in range. The way you can avoid having to fast travel (or god forbid on survival walk to a random outpost to make a tower) is to build a new tower at each location when you settle it. They require power, but a small generator will do. As for getting the materials to do this, you can do it the old fashioned way or do the following:

Raider Vassals - Getting Settlements to Supply Food & Materials

Talking a settlement into supplying an outpost in Fallout 4 Nuka World Talk settlements into supplying your outposts with food and materials. Raiders love chems and hate working.

This is necessary to make Raiders happy without your intervention. Vassals supply all raider outposts with food and building materials. Raiders do not like to work, so if you want supplies in order to build things at your raider Settlements, you will need to either subdue them or threaten them into supplying your outposts. The benefit of this is twofold - Raiders don't like to 'pick fruit' as Shank puts it, and you do not have access to supply lines for Raider outposts (they won't do that work either).

The process of getting a settlement to supply your outposts is similar, except there's no killing the residents. One option is to go all out attack - kill all the Minutemen that arrive to protect an outpost and bring the Settlers down to 0 health, then talk to their representative to secure the settlement as a supplier of food and materials. As with the conquest of a settlement to claim it as a raider outpost, you can also talk them into supplying you. The odds go up in your favor if you have Outposts nearby and Nuka World Radio Transmitters should still help with intimidation.

roughing up a settler in Fallout 4 Nuka World The rough up option lets you fist fight the settlement's representative. Beat them up and they'll be more likely to give in to your demands.

Unlike with the conquest option, you can choose to rough up the settlement's representative with a fist fight to lower the price if your verbal intimidation doesn't work. Your character will automatically put their weapon away and battle with the settler. This gave me the usual 60% reduction in price, same as if intimidation had worked (the prices are identical to conquest, above). You cannot, however, rough them up a second time but do get to try an easier speech check. I recommend doing this before you give caps or try the speech check to get supplied.

Spreading Outposts Strategically for Easier Speech Checks and Bribes

Raiders do not use supply lines. Instead, they have settlements deliver tributes to their outposts.

As Shank will tell you, nearby Settlements grow more worried and are easier to subdue. Both the presence of nearby outposts and nearby radio transmitters lower the difficulty of speech checks by 5/10% for each that is within a set range. Spreading your raider empire to nearby outposts is a better option than going all over the map. You can actually succeed in talking them into it or easily get the outposts for a couple hundred caps.

Automatron & Raider Supply Lines

Although raider outposts do not need supply lines because their stuff is automatically shared across all locations, you can still establish supply lines - but only with Automatron. Make a robot workbench in one of your outposts, then enter the workshop menu like you would normally in order to set up a supply line. You'll be able to select only normal settlements, but can indeed access their building materials. This isn't really necessary for most situations, but could help if you planned a large building project.

Improve Settlements: Vassal Populations Matter for Food

I did some testing by "cleansing" some of my vassal settlements and lowering their population. At first, every one of my raider settlements were starving on a regular basis. As more Settlers moved back into the vassal camps, the food problems grew less frequent then vanished and happiness rose along with the food supply. Since you lose all control over vassal workshops when you enslave them, it may be wise to build up concentration camps of sorts. Make plenty of crops, beds, water, and defense (the things Settlers need) before you take the quest to demand tribute from them (when you immediately lose access to the workshop). A normal settlement radio tower may even be a good idea, as it can be turned on/off to attract people to the camp. I suppose they'd rather work and live there, paying tribute to raiders, rather than risk being mauled by a yao guai.

Improving Settlements beforehand will make more Settlers move in than, for example, if you had only 2-3 beds and a lone water pump. High population settlements cost more to enslave for a reason - they provide more food and building materials. Building up your Settlements before turning them into vassals, you can feed more raiders with fewer vassals. This allows you to make more raider settlements and get much more food from the daily tribute.

Settlements You Can't Take Over

While you can absolutely set up a Raider Outpost in Sanctuary Hills, all important people must be moved first - no Preston there, no other companions either. Boston Airport, Bunker Hill, and The Castle can never be made Vassals or Outposts regardless of conditions and for somewhat obvious reasons given their importance. Someone on reddit asked what happens if you set up an outpost really close to a settlement, so I thought I'd test making Red Rocket an outpost given its proximity to Sanctuary Hills, where all my good guys were stationed. Because the borders are far enough apart, nothing happened. I'm yet unsure how raiders respond to normal supply line caravans.

You Can Turn Vassals into Raider Settlements

Some players may want to do this, so I'm confirming you can. Save first, just in case, but in my experience, when you go to a vassal outpost and begin killing Settlers, the raider guards will help you. They'll treat the Settlers as essential and help bring their health down. You'll have to kill them manually (no VATS). Once all the Settlers are dead, the Settlement returns to normal - the icon on the map even changes back. Now you can go to Shank and get a quest to turn it into a Raider Settlement, or else rebuild it as a normal settlement by interacting with the workshop. Sometimes you may need to wait on NPCs to respawn and take a quest from them to make it a regular settlement.

You CAN Take Settlements back from Raiders

We all initially thought you can't. The problem are turrets being present in the Settlement. So before you ever do Open Season, go to those Settlements and scrap all turrets. The turrets keep the raiders in control, they get stuck at 1 health as when you are subduing settlers and cannot kill them. Removing those turrets, you can turn a raider Settlement back into a normal one!

Wasteland Warlord Perk & Build Items & Tribute Chests

Tribute chest in fallout 4 nuka world Assign one of your raiders to a Tribute Chest. Now you'll periodically have an extra place to pick up money and items during gameplay.

At 1 Outpost, you unlock rank 1 of Wasteland Warlord. 3 Outposts offers rank 2, and 8 total outposts unlocks the third rank of the perk. The Wasteland Warlord perk offers you the ability to make new things in outposts (actual outposts, not slave supply settlements). Rank 1 and 2 should come with the first and final stages of Home Sweet Home, though you'll have to work your way up to finishing Power Play if you want to get Tribute Chests.

The wasteland warlord perk in Fallout 4 Wasteland Warlord unlocks new buildings for your outposts, many of which are useful. A raider build would not need Local Leader at all.

Because Wasteland Warlord unlocks raider shops at rank 2 with 3 Outposts, you do not need the regular stores you get from Local Leader. In fact, in my testing I couldn't establish that the regular stores increase happiness. Raiders would prefer a chem dealer to a clothing emporium, of course!

Tribute Chests generate things every 5 days. They can contain legendary items (at a rate of 5%), but if one does generate a legendary it will not do so again for another 30 days. You must check regularly as the chest can never hold more than 1,000 caps worth of valuables. Tribute chests are wonderful things and combined with the money that gradually accumulates in the Overboss chest back at Fizztop Grille, it's an excellent benefit. Is it worth the tradeoff for what you get for having Settlements? I don't know. I'd prefer a bit of both myself.

Building Happy Settlements, Jobs for Raiders, and Food

As noted above, raider outposts prefer to have raider dealers, nuka radio transmitters with amplifiers (the first is required for the amplifier to work), chem dispensers (vending machines for chems) and items of that sort to be happy. Naturally, they do prefer a roof over their heads and to have adequate water and defense. Raiders will automatically take up defensive positions if you place guard stations. Happiness does not change automatically but creeps up over time in outposts, just as in Settlements. See my comprehensive Settlements Guide if you need further help, keeping the above facts in mind.

Also stated before, they don't like to tend crops so you must get food from settlements for them to be happy. Take note of my recommendation you build up settlements before making them vassals to your raiders. I did some testing on food supply. With 8 raider outposts and 4 suppliers, it was enough to keep my raiders happy without food shortages, though the daily food they get is entirely random. This would be even better with stronger settlements under my control. With a pair of 15-20 population settlements providing food, I could have 8 outposts and only 2 vassals supplying them. Of course as the population of raider settlements grows, food may become a problem so you may want to make 1 raider (or automatron) work the field in each settlement to get the reliable 6 food. Raiders don't like to work, but having one of them set to pick crops in each Settlement could help if they grow too big and the food demand increases to the point the suppliers can't keep up. You could simply make more raider stores and other happiness items to keep them satisfied, make up for the one goon working to stabilize the food supply, and have high happiness.

Unlike normal settlers, raiders do not suffer an unhappiness hit from lacking a job. However, you can still put them to work. From my testing, I'm not able to find anything that makes raiders unhappy other than tending crops. This means it's safe to assign them to scavenging stations, raider booze stills, and other items without worrying their happiness will go down. Booze can be worth quite a lot, so it's something to consider if you want money as opposed to crafting materials.

Benefits of Being Overboss and Controlling Outposts

Supplies and caps delivered by settlers to the overboss in Fallout 4 Nuka World Supplies and caps are periodically delivered to you as Overboss of the Raider gangs.

So with all this effort to expand the Nuka World raiders to the Commonwealth, what do you get? Well, similar to having Settlers at scavenging stations and supply lines all over, your resources are automatically shared among the various Outposts you control. Items are regularly deposited from the enslaved settlements, which you can use to build or upgrade your gear. Additionally, you will receive caps from the Tribute Chests. All of these things come with notifications, so you don't have to waste time checking.

The Overboss trunk generates caps based upon how many outposts you hold. The Overboss Trunk back at your base in Nuka World will generate caps from time to time based upon your raiders' land holdings.

Having well-populated Outposts with raider dealers set up (shops) will give you access to more money, whether from tribute chests or from simply being able to sell loot in that town. You should strike a balance between having Settlements to supply your outposts and actually conquered outposts. This prevents you having to put your raider goons to work and ensures they have enough food. Naturally, more supplies should come in as well.

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One more thing, if you build those raider shops and then you decided to kill them in Open Season, can the shops be used by normal settlers afterwards? And if they can, what will those faction gear stand stands sell when ran by settlers?
14th September 2016 2:59am
Edit: It does work. I was able to test it after removing defense from the settlement and killing all raiders. Chems dealer worked, and it seems that pick me up stations generate happiness. I think you can do this and will find that the structures function similarly.
15th September 2016 4:58pm
The Gears vendors no longer sell gang specific items when run by settlers, they still sell shipments at least. This effectively turns them into General Goods vendor.
4th October 2016 11:42pm
Excellent guide, and great questions to everyone on the thread.

I'm a bit of a vegetable starch guy. . . really helped leveling up, and something I don't want to lose. This has led to two questions:

- Can someone confirm that having robots farm in outposts will produce food?
- I screwed up with Starlight and had WAY too many settlers unassigned to food when I made it a vassal. Besides going back to a prior save, suggestions on what I could do. I don't mind killing, er, relocating everyone, but don't want to turn the Raiders against me.

15th September 2016 11:37am
I think that it will produce food to have robots in outposts, it just depends if you have enough surplus for it to be stockpiled. I think you need to ensure vassals are pulling their weight if you want to stockpile a particular type of food. This is partially theory but I think it'd hold up. The settlements should share everything, so you don't want them having to eat your corn. For this reason it may be harder to get an exact type in bulk with raiders sharing everything. Let us know how that goes eh?

Save first in case something happens but if you choose to 'reallocate' your workers, you would need to manually kill everyone. The raiders guarding the vassals will treat the npcs as enemies (you're the boss) but will not kill them. They'll treat them as essential. So you must pull the trigger yourself (and cannot use VATS). Once everyone is dead the raider guards should leave.

You'd need to start over entirely with that settlement (by taking back over the workshop as a normal settlement). The growth of a vassal was pretty slow for me without being able to manage it myself, so I'd suggest you just control it for a while, put up a recruitment beacon, and make everyone happy with plenty of excess to get the population back up quickly. I think I tested and confirmed that Shank will be happy to let you vassalize them again whenever the population/workers are where you want them to be.
15th September 2016 1:55pm
First off, thanks for the helpful walkthrough and tips for the DLC! It's awesome. Now, I have a question that I haven't seen much of an answer (or a clear one) for yet.

When I tell Shank I'm ready to attack my first settlement for HSH quest, he "recommends" Taffington, The Slog, The Croupe Manor, etc, but when I tell him to get started, he doesn't show me any choices or a list of any kind. I've seen screenshots that it's supposed to look like the typical "Send settler/companion to" list of places, but he just pauses for a moment, and then says "Sorry, doesn't look like that place will work. Check back later." (Or something along those lines).

What I'm wondering is if there are certain requirements a settlement has to have before it becomes a raider target? I only have about 5 settlements on this playthrough atm, and most of them only have about 10 or 11 people (my Charisma is brutally low), so I'm wondering if I need larger settlements before they become options to raid, or am I getting a bug of some kind? I do have a few mods installed, and one of them seems to be affecting my "Send Companion to" option. When I dismiss someone, they automatically go back to wherever they go by default without giving me any choices there, so that MIGHT be the issue, but my settler supply lines and re-assignment lists both function perfectly fine.

Just figured I'd ask in case anyone else knows. Shank seemed to elude to settlements needing to be "worth" taking over but doesn't say much more in that respect. I figure he just meant that they should have close access to vassal settlements or whatever. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance. :)
16th September 2016 9:44pm
[[ UPDATE ]]

I figured out what it was. Apparently the mod "Welcome to Goodneighbour" doesn't agree with this quest, so I just had to disable that. Hope this helps anyone else who might happen to have the same issue. Thanks again for the excellent guide though Carl! :)
16th September 2016 11:02pm
To add to your update (and answer your question) for those that are still curious, there are no prerequisites for settlements to be raidable (the first time). Even if you select the option to "kill 'em all", the raiders with you will comment something like "uh boss there's no one here" and you can go about setting up the flag, etc.
19th September 2016 2:48pm
I'm currently trying to get 8/8 settlements claimed for tribute chest, I'm @7/8. I havent done any minutemen quests I stopped railroad @ decoding the courser chip and went to cambridge police station and just shot danse so I'm enemies with BOS. So I made settlements @ red rocket (near sanctuary),sunshine tidings and coastal cottage. But when I try to claim any of these settlements I get the Quest-important character must be moved message, any idea's what I'm doing wrong?
17th September 2016 5:12pm
Austin Fitzpatrick
I'm having trouble recruiting more raiders to my outpost.

I seem to be stuck at three.

Do I have to complete 'Home sweet home' to get more?
22nd September 2016 5:23am
I removed turrets before I killed the bosses. All raiders in the three outpost are dead, again, as you stated above, no turrets. In addition, everything that can be damaged was. Did ever larger circle sweeps around outpost, slept there for 48 hours, and still not able to take back the settlements. I wish people that SAY you can, would make a video of THEM doing it, and not here say.
28th September 2016 5:14pm
Great info, thanks! Any suggestions on how to get the red rocket in nukaworld spme food? Are robots the answer? Thanks for any help!!
1st October 2016 8:15am
I believe all raider outposts share resources like there are permanent supply lines between them.

If you decided to go Open Season and want to use it like a normal settlement, you can establish a supply line to it. The line won't be displayed (probably a bug) but the supply line works normally.
5th October 2016 4:59am
I am unable to reclaim 2 settlements from raiders. I removed all turrets and everything else except for food, but it still says (you need to clear enemies from the location.) i had no problem with the first location, killed everyone and got it back in my hands as a settlement. All of these locations where in my hands pryor to raiding them for the quest. Any advice is welcomed. Btw im on Ps4, thanks.
5th October 2016 11:41pm
Great guide! It has helped a lot although I do have one question, I checked my list of settlements that could be turned into vassals with Shank, I chose Warwick homestead and after planting a lot of fruit and moving several settlers there to beef it up before taking over. When I went back to Shank to set up the quest it has disappeared from the list. Any chance you know the reasoning behind this or how I would go about getting it back on to Shanks list? as otherwise I've built a huge farm for no reason and I'm worried if I do this for other settlements the same thing will happen and I won't be able to turn them into vassals.
8th November 2016 7:26am
lonewolf geoff
i think the reason shank didnt offer warwick may be too many settlers! maybe 10 is enough settlers, more is too hard for takeover as not many go along for the initial raid.
30th November 2016 8:01am
lonewolf geoff
i think the reason shank didnt offer warwick may be too many settlers! maybe 10 is enough settlers, more is too hard for takeover as not many go along for the initial raid.
30th November 2016 8:00am
lonewolf geoff
mod can you zap this post of mine (whole thing) as i made it a thread post not the reply to the above question! lol keep the reply to simon!
2nd December 2016 7:26am
lonewolf geoff
ok, here's my tips and findings...

1. pre takeover, move everyone bar one or two settlers to other locations - the remainders help with happieness after the takeover - also, STORE all defenses (you can put em back after takeover!), leave at least 12+ food (eg, 12+ x mutfruit, 20 mutfruit is best) you need it! make 20+ sleeping bags/beds - you will need them fast! make sure you have 20+ water too! they moan and groan about that otherwise! build weapons/armour/cooking stations they rarely use but they will be useful!

2. post takeover, build signal flag, nuka world transmitter, amp, booze stills, chems/booze/gear/raider trader stands (dont use regular ones!), assign one nuka raider to a main guard post, one to farming and one to a still. also, build a pick me up station or two, put decor for their clan (operators/disciples/pack) makes em feel at home (add normal decor too! make em comfy!)

3. few days later... keep close eye on the outpost, build more stills and assign em, get the first few shops manned (chems and booze are vital!), also remember assign em to guard posts too! if they get hungry assign some to food, remember, 6 foid per person, mutfruit gives you 1 food per plant, 6 per person so 5 farmers, 25 mutfruit, fed outpost! (yes regardless of vassals! they work, but not very well!) oh and on raider farmers... i noticed a 5 point drop in happieness for 5 farmers, more stills/stations for those who do nothing fixes this outright! (robot farmers drag happieness to 50 regardless!)

4. get defense above 160, puts most attackers right off even trying!

targets need prep first! put way too much food there, 5 to 15 settlers with their beds and 6 items to farm (mutfruit is best as most other things you need 2x of em to make 1 food), you can leave defenses (you can get rid of em as whoevers vassal it is will defend!) you will fight em but they will work for you eventually!

NOTE: you assign a vassal then you loose the workbench! (well until you kill everyone and destroy defenses and start from scratch! lol)

NOTE 2: (applies to vassals and outposts) too higher defense (over 150) or 15+ settlers and shank wont let you at it (in my experience!)

NOTE 3: watch happieness! provide stills like there is no tommorow, assign any unasigned raiders to them or add more stores etc

NOTE 4: collect your stuff! grab some but not all booze (mainly vodka) from the workshops at outposts, check the pick me up stations for drugs... again, leave some there! grab your dosh from the red trunk at fizztop! you will be notified when caps fly your way
2nd December 2016 8:14am
lonewolf geoff
point 1 about remaining settlers... killing the two makes the raiders happy!
2nd December 2016 8:16am
it says right in his guide that 15-20 settlers in a settlement is a great place to be for a supplying tribute settlement so i dont think base defenses and/or settler amounts means a damn thing i think your game is just bugging out
30th May 2017 12:39pm
I accidentally started a raid on a settlement i have a friend at and i needed to cripple the settlers, but i cant shoot him to cripple him. How do i get around this because i need to finish this to start a new one.
9th December 2016 4:14pm
Adam Gold
I really like this post, detailed to the max, great one!!
But by ny chance someone could tell me what to do?
The quest is in miscellaneous, says go to shank to talk about jobs in the commonwealth but when I try and choose any location for either turning into raider settlement or talking then into supplying me they come up in dark green which means unavailable. One of them is sanctuary which is where all the ex companions are so that is obvious but what about the others?
Clearly I've done something wrong but can someone explain what?:))))
While you're writing an answer I'll just go to the Game shop to buy a nuka world mug;) thanks a lot:)
10th December 2016 6:45am
So, joining minutemen , then later play this dlc will destroy all the hard work u did for the MN ?
11th December 2016 9:31pm
Hi, great guide!

I have a problem with the automatron supply line. I am attempting to set up a supply line from my raider outpost to a normal settlement. I have constructed an automatron from the workshop at the raider outpost itself but when choosing to supply line (Q) there are no options.

I have also tried sending an automaton to the settlement and I've doubled check any variety of things such as range, population count and perks.

Bug/patched out or another hidden provisioner mechanic? FYI, supply lines work for my normal settlements.
27th December 2016 3:25am
Chef OnePunch
Sooo, where do the settlers go after you kick them out?
11th May 2017 12:39pm
Thanks for the guide but this did not help me isolate why my Raider settlements are now 40 happiness and falling, every single one. At first they were fairly high, 70's and 80's, but for no reason at all they began dropping. It got so bad that i installed a mod for the vault tech DLC that lets me build eat-o-tronics that provide 5 food when built and don't need any workers, and it STILL would drop.

In fact, even when i managed to get every single stat to the point where it didn't show up as too low in the pip boy, and when every single damn settlement had at least 4 of the damn food things (20 food each for no work required) it will stagnant at around 30-49 happiness.

I would notice that sometimes even being in the settlement would change the arrow to show the happiness was increasing, then lower again or stagnant when i left the area. I just don't understand.
21st July 2017 2:21am
I've spent a long time building up settlements (way way too much time) I have certain ones for the each of the three crops to make adhesive, certain ones for water supply, and certain ones for caps. Would it even be worth it for me to turn the remaining few into outposts and vassals? (I also control every settlement I'm aware of).
15th August 2017 10:41pm
Does Shank's settlement target list ever change? The settlements that I prefer to convert to outposts are not on the target list.
11th April 2018 9:26pm
Right! I'm having this exact problem. I want to bring my raiders to settlements that I have cleared with Preston like outpost zimonja and it won't show up on sharks list. It's always the same location on his list to choose from even though I have more settlements than what he has on his list. I can't figure it out. Can only certain settlements be made into outposts and supply?
21st April 2018 12:57am
Ok I think I may have figured out our prob Brett! So I wanted to make outpost zimonja a raider settlement so I went through prestons mission to get it and set up the regular settlement beacon but I turned the beacon off so I wouldn't have to kick out any settlers that come in when turning into a raider post. Well it wasn't showing up on shanks list. I played around with it and turned the beacon on, 4 settlers showed up and then I went to shank and then it shows up on his list. So I believe that u have to have settlers on a settlement fist in order to turn it into a raider settlement. Also make sure there's no missions involving that settlement too like Carl stated. Hope this helps!
1st May 2018 11:27pm
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See my Far Harbor Guide for new features in the DLC. There, you can also watch the trailer and view new weapons that can be found. The area is massive, so we can expect plenty of quests and exploration in a foggy, rugged area with new and challenging creatures to battle.

Pleae note there are different endings for this DLC, something we all wanted! It's like the actual end-game of FO4 in that you can choose the outcome.

Islander's Almanac Magazine Locations
Far From Home: Quest 1
Walk in the Park: Quest 2
Where you Belong: Quest 3
Best Left Forgotten: Quest 4
Ware's Brew Quest New
The Striker New

Automatron Guides & Walkthrough

The final quest Restoring Order (Mechanist Fight/Options) is now available. I've also released a page that describes Getting Started in Automatron to accompany the main page about the DLC. This covers how to make the Robot Workbench to begin making your own Automatrons, and walks you through the first two quests while providing some tips for fighting the Mechanist's creations. Quest 3 Walkthrough: Headhunting is also live on the site.

Robots in Automatron New
Mechanist's Lair, Eyebots, and Rogue Robots covers what happens after the Mechanist story is complete.

Perks & Bobbleheads

Now that I've written about all Perks in Fallout 4, I've put them all in a list, with how they work, what you can expect, and my own opinions on them. Hope this is handy! I've also compiled map shots of all Bobblehead Locations in the game. You can choose to explore the locations on your own or read descriptions for those I've taken notes about.

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