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Fallout 4: Virgil's Serum Location

Where to Get it in the Institute

Finding Virgil's Serum requires you to be in the Institute The Institute's area is not large, but the place to find the Serum is not immediately obvious.

If, like me, you want to keep your promise to Virgil after he's helped you infiltrate the Institute, then you may have been confused about where to find the Serum which he hopes will transform him. Do this as soon as possible after finding the Institute. If you wait too long, you will fail the quest after getting back to Virgil with the Serum. Definitely bring a few healing items and be prepared for a fight.

Head to the Institute

Even if you've been there before, you should be able to fast travel there unless you've been hostile to the residents.

Locate Bioscience

Where to find Virgil's Serum Head into the Bioscience Lab in order to proceed.

Look for the Bioscience lab. It is one of the few that has the words marked under the symbol, so it's not the only green one. From there, you want to find the FEV lab - it's in the back, protected by a novice-level lock, meaning anyone can pick their way inside.

FEV Lab in Fallout 4 This door leads to a seemingly abandoned portion of the building, protected by an Assaultron and some Laser Turrets.

Inside FEV - Fight for the Serum

A crippled Assaultron in Fallout 4 Even when an Assaultron's legs are blown out, it's dangerous. It is safe to quick save in here, for no alarm will be raised.

This area is heavily protected by turrets, and there is even a nasty Assaultron. I made short work of it, but had to tread carefully not knowing what the real threats were. After the Assaultron, nothing major of note came up - just 5 or 6 Turrets, and lots of materials.

The place looks like it's been completely abandoned. Go through the hallways, you literally cannot miss the serum machine pictured below, because there are not many branches off this corridor.

Getting Virgil's Serum from this machine. Virgil's Serum is in the corner of the WTF room, inside this machine. Take it and get out.

To minimize spoilers, I won't show a picture of the lab here, so you can see it for the first time yourself. This may color your view of the Institute, and help you pick a side. Of course, you may be fine with the way they're handling things!

Virgil in Fallout 4 needs a Serum to get back to himself and break his curse. Deliver the Serum to Virgil in a timely manner, and you'll finish this side quest.

You can use a terminal toward the end to get out of this area and back into the main Institute building. No one will be aware of what you did while inside, and you can take the serum back to Virgil at his Rocky Cave in the Glowing Sea.

Evil Route - you can con Virgil into killing himself, with 3 speech checks - he doesn't have the guts for it, but if you do it for him after convincing him, you can take his Laser Rifle, which does +50% damage to Supermutants.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you think I've missed something people would like to know about, please email [email protected] with a suggestion.

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