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Fallout 4 Main Quests

Points of No Return and How Far You Can Go

Mass fusion is a major turning point in Fallout 4's main quest I've tried to document the quests that turn factions against one another. Mass Fusion is a major turning point in faction relations between Institute and Brotherhood.

I suggest you do not read this unless you've already met the Institute. This is for the end-game. I am going to write as little spoilers as possible, but want to help who are hesitant to do faction quests out of fear of losing their standing with the others. Ultimately, the faction you like most is who you should probably work with - the game continues after the end, allowing you to level up infinitely. There are four different endings in Fallout 4, depending upon which Faction you choose to end the game with, and different sequences of events leading up to it. Every fully completed main quest results in you having one faction of the three main warring factions, plus the Minutemen in your version of the Commonwealth. Some of it is the same, but the ultimate consequence is which faction you'll continue to work with after the end of the game.

The purpose of this is to ease your mind that you can play a portion of each faction's main quest without crossing a line and ending relationships with other factions, should you wish to achieve certain goals with them. A new playthrough or save where you are at a turning point are suggested to experience each faction's main quests. This info is NOT perfect, as some players may point out because of all the different faction quests different players will have in their quest log. However I do believe it does document the turning points very well.

Who Wants to Kill Who?

  • How Far Can you Go with each Faction?

    The Minutemen do not have their own ending quest unless you spoil your relationship with the Institute. At that point, you've got to either work with them (through the quest Burning Cover via Railroad) or continue working with the Brotherhood of Steel to finish the game. If you work with the Brotherhood of Steel to finish, you can actually make it so that the Minutemen are the ONLY faction left by turning on the Brotherhood after finishing their quest line - though you may want to buy some unique items from their stores before doing so, and maybe even consider killing Maxson to turn them against you so that you can get his Final Judgment and Battlecoat (which can be upgraded with Ballistic Weave from the Railroad). You can squash the Railroad and Institute, then use the Minutemen to squash the BoS.

    Tradecraft should be completed before finishing the Institute Quest, "Mankind-Redefined" so that you can continue to work with them. You can complete their quests up to the point that you're on 'Underground Undercover' and the step to continue working with Father. Doing so means finishing the Institute Quest 'Mass Fusion' (the point you've worked with Father enough), which turns the Brotherhood of Steel hostile toward you. From there, you must complete Underground Undercover to continue working with the Railroad. I suggest you save if you do make it past that step as it is a risky quest, as players who can't kill the Synths that attack without stealth or haste may cause the Institute to then turn hostile. Finishing Underground will result in a quest to take out the Brotherhood, then later the Institute.

    Avoid getting in trouble with Father after the Battle of Bunker Hill (I have a guide to that) to keep your relationship with the Institute solid. Mass Fusion is the big turning point, as noted above. If you do not complete Mankind-Redefined (by not speaking to Father after the meeting) you can avoid being in this situation entirely. This can let you finish some other Brotherhood Quests. As for Mass Fusion, you can have it in your quest log, but you face a decision. It will cause the Brotherhood to be hostile unless you notify them. If you notify the Brotherhood, you start Spoils of War and end your relationship with the Institute. You can now only finish the game with the Brotherhood or Minutemen. For the quest after 'Mass Fusion', it is suggested to use Dogmeat as a companion so that you do not anger your humanoid companion by killing any innocents.

    Brotherhood of Steel
    This one is a little more complicated, and why I listed it last. You can skip a lot of quests if you inform the Brotherhood during Mass Fusion (Institute). This can actually result in the Railroad being left untouched, and a quest that may cause you to lose a companion as well. So if you like both the Railroad and Brotherhood, this would be the way to go - do Institute Quests up to Mass Fusion, inform the Brotherhood and get 'Spoils of War', then continue from there.

    The point you'll face difficult choices in the BoS quest line is after completing Liberty Reprimed. An issue with a companion arises, the Railroad-relationship ending quest (Tactical Thinking), then you go after the Institute.

    Please avoid as many spoilers as you can in comments
    Respect your fellow players and do not give story details here. I've tried to summarize this so that players feel more comfortable doing quests whose names have not appeared here, meaning they can work with that faction at least a bit more. If you found this helpful, or have a suggestion to improve it, email [email protected]

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    Railroad: I am currently max affinity with the railroad companion, I have the ballistic weave and I have done a handful of railroad quests that seem to just be side quests... not mainline quests.

    BoS: Just started - I'm following the main line and agreed to join; just finished the National Guard part. Don't have a companion option yet (but I do know who the companion option is/will be).

    Institute: I've had zero interaction with them thus far.

    MinMen: Just opened the armory at the castle.

    My question:
    If I want to stay on the up and up with both the railroad and the brotherhood... should I stop doing anything for either until find the institute and get up to the 'spoils of war' point you spoke of above? If it helps, feel free to email me a spoiler heavy reply.
    Do you have any update for us? I missed your comment for a while when I was away from the computer.

    I think they will lead you there eventually, so it *should* be safe. There may be quests that come up to take out other factions, but I'm not sure of the order. So many different sequences people can take to do things in this game.  If other readers come to this point I would probably just do the molecular level/institutionalized so that you can have quests from all three and things will make a lot more sense. There's no 'bar' or anything that makes factions angry, just the quests where they ask you to take out one another and sadly it's kind of simple in that way.
    14th January 2016 3:29pm
    Thanks for this info Carl! LOVE all your posts on Fallout.

    Quick question my friend: If the BOS is made hostile, will they still have a presence after the main story? I'm pursuing the Railroad ending. Only asking because I get irritated when I either find a new location or show up somewhere, and there's a BOS vertibird attacking and taking away XP for me. So annoying. I'm hoping after they're destroyed this means they're ALL literally gone–not just figuratively–and there won't be any stragglers around.
    1st March 2016 5:19pm
    The brotherhood would then become a source of XP, rather than robbing you of it. You may run into them, and they should be hostile if you fully complete all possible quests. I think no matter what factions you side with, the others may still exist, you've just trashed their HQ and there will be random stragglers. 'Defend the Checkpoint' Quests will come up, which is to help your faction at military areas they are defending. These appear under misc quests and aren't that important.

    You shouldn't see BoS as often though. I'd prefer this myself (were I simply playing and not testing so much right now) because brotherhood in power armor are probably the strongest enemies in the game. Saw a deathmatch a youtuber set up between all creatures and every time the guy ran it the brotherhood cleaned up, even when placed in the middle of all the chaos.

    Thanks for the kind words about the site, haven't had much feedback. It is starting to be read now, which is great after working on it for 3 months, but I don't think a lot of people even know it exists!
    1st March 2016 6:59pm
    I haven't done any main story mission yet but bee working with factions doin their missions, just wondering how far I can go. Iv on old guns with the minute men and lost patrol with BoS, just don't wanna mess anything up and get the most out of the factions
    3rd March 2016 5:25pm
    I haven't done any main story mission yet but bee working with factions doin their missions, just wondering how far I can go. Iv on old guns with the minute men and lost patrol with BoS, just don't wanna mess anything up and get the most out of the factions
    3rd March 2016 6:44pm
    I haven't done any main story mission yet but bee working with factions doin their missions, just wondering how far I can go. Iv on old guns with the minute men and lost patrol with BoS, just don't wanna mess anything up and get the most out of the factions
    5th March 2016 8:05pm
    I am not sure if many people are aware, but a way to end the game with both the railroad and BoS intact and non-hostile has shown up. It's completely scripted, npcs from both factions have dialogue about what happens, no mods or anything are used as far as I understand. It's rather complicated though and very easy to get locked out of. Also there are a few bugs that could also undo the peace (which may someday get fixed by a patch or mods). I havent gotten around to trying it myself but it was very interesting to hear about.
    20th May 2016 4:55am
    Can you reindicate what mission for each daction you cannot go past? The paragraph form made it a little confusing.... i understand it as...

    Minutemen - old guns (finish)
    Railroad - underground Undercover (dont start)
    Institute - not sure
    BoS - not sure
    7th July 2016 10:54pm
    Justin Boyce
    I finished with the Bos and did very few minute men missions now I'm trying to settle at the castle and can access the terminal in the tunnels?? What can I do about that?
    23rd January 2017 9:16pm
    Justin Boyce
    Can't* access the tunnels terminal at the castle
    23rd January 2017 9:17pm
    Just the information I was looking for. Thank you for posting it.
    8th February 2017 4:30pm
    Knoxx black
    In my first run, I sided with the institute (clean room and board!) and noticed when the bos and RR were both destroyed (by me) they continued to show up at check points. I got a lot of loot that that, esp the RR Mk V outfit and some bos stuff.
    6th September 2017 1:29pm
    good stuff.thank you.
    24th March 2018 1:12am
    the best ending (not for the commonwealth) is the railroad ending because here is why
    1. you get a railway rifle which i like because its fun sticking peoples heads on walls
    2. you get the final judgement and maxsons battlecoat
    i dont know why i feel its the most awarding
    27th September 2018 8:03am
    Just wanted to say I appreciate this guide a LOT and also the fact that you keep the site up after such a long time. Cheers!
    7th January 2019 5:42pm
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