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Fallout 4: Wreck of FMS Northern Star

Getting the Agility Bobblehead and Looting a Ship

Location of the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star The Agility Bobblehead is located on this ship in the Southeastern corner of the map

Though there are no quests associated with this place, the Agility Bobblehead is one of the harder ones to spot in Fallout 4. This Guide shows you the location of the FMS Northern Star and will walk you through looting the ship to get this useful boost, along with all the other loot and XP you'll get there. To begin, travel to the far Southeastern corner of the map to the wrecked ship, FMS Northern Star.

The Ship seems to have run aground. You can find a hull breach on the other side, where you can enter.

There's a lot of radiation down here, so consider using a RadX unless you're in Power Armor. Make your way through the Mirelurks, and navigate the cargo containers. You'll eventually find a way up.

Being sneaky can help, there is a turret and spotlights on the ship's deck.

Use the terminal and you can Hack (expert) to disable the spotlights. I preferred that over turrets, though you can do both. Turning off those lights can help you sneak.

Destroy the turret unless you disabled it, then find the gate along the wall. I bothered to post this picture because at first I wasn't sure one was there, it being night and all.

Now you can expect Raiders. For me, there were a few dead ones too loot, and mid-level Raiders sa well. There were some live ones up ahead, must have had a fight over who got the last Jet.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor found on the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

As you battle your way toward the front of the ship, look for this little table with a radio and lantern. If you miss it, it's in the middle of the top deck before the main Raiders. Very easy to pass it during combat. There you will find a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, helping your Barter prices.

This is the front of the ship

Fight your way through the seemingly out of place Commonwealth Raiders who speak in another language, and you'll come to the bow of the ship. Makes you wonder if they took this over and ran it aground. When you get here, you're very near the main prize. Loot everything and continue moving forward. Don't push that button. Just past it, on the very edge of the ship, you can find the Agility Bobblehead. Close to the Bobblehead Now you can barely see it on the tip of the ship. Fallout 4's Agility Bobblehead can be hard to spot. Here it is! Move forward and you'll see the tiny Agility Bobblehead on the bow of the ship. Here's where you'll find it.

This is the main point of the adventure here. Once you've got the magazine and Bobblehead, you're pretty much done with this place. This is the best you'll do. Taking the boat will just put you back on the ground. No more good loot to be found here as far as I know. Happy hunting!

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