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Fallout 4: Mystery Meat

Side Quest Walkthroughs and Rewards

Find Longneck Lukowski's Cannery here in fallout 4 Travel to Longneck Lukowski's Cannery to start this side quest.

This is a great, easy quest that can get you some XP, a Barter Bobblehead, and one edition of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor. Both of these grant a +5% decrease in prices when buying from vendors, permanently. I highly recommend it early in the game, because it'll help much more when you're struggling to afford things. Be sure you have some radaway as there's quite a lot of radiation involved in this quest. Gear that protects against radiation without sacrificing defense is helpful.

Mystery Meat Quest in Fallout 4 Mystery Meat Health Inspector on call.

Inside, you'll see a member of a Vault talking to a shady dude about how the meat's making people sick. He's trying to get her to buy more, great guy. You can have a chat with this fellow, and he'll offer to sell you some meat. I'd stay away from the potted kind, but did snag some mirelurk meat. Anyway, ask this fellow about why people are getting sick to start the quest. Follow up with contaminated, and offer to help him with molerats to get this idiot to give you 50 caps to play health inspector.

Free meat, brahmin skulls. Good stuff

Be sure to grab any good meat (still inside the animal is not stealing) while you have a look around. He warns you against the basement, but hey - we like basements because we like XP. Also, there's loads of brahmin skulls laying around in here - they give bone, and it's a somewhat rare crafting ingredient.

Barter Bobblehead Location in Fallout 4 Barter Bobblehead and Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor are inside on a desk

Follow the catwalks to get to the real reward here. Find the office pictured above, where you can get a Barter Bobblehead along with one of the copies of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, permanently decreasing your buying prices. There's also a terminal you can hack to unlock a door, inside I found a combat shotgun - a shotgun is nice early-game.

Elevator to basement

We could leave, but might as well get the XP and maybe aggro the whole place so we can walk away with all that meat guarded by the robots. Push the buttons on the catwalk to make a pair of large yellow vaults open, allowing access to some loot. You need the elevator button, pictured above, in order to proceed with this quest. He locks you in the basement. Scum's got it coming.

So much free meat - just watch out for the trap and radroaches.

Use the terminal to read some logs of Theodore's, about the Molerat/ghoul problem. Continue on and you'll find some useful things behind the first door, along with a tesla trap. Grab all that yummy molerat meat - it's good when properly cooked.

Cross these pipes

Head through the hole in the wall, kill the ghouls then cross the pipes. Make your way through the sewers, fighting both ghouls and heavy radiation. When you get to the walkway, the left leads to an ammmo box and turret - kill it and unlock the box, then proceed down the other path.

Lot of ghouls in this cannery. Suspicious.

You can take a free Fusion Core here, handy if you're going to use Power Armor early in the game, but always something you want to stock up on. Watch out for mines in the next area, there are like 3!

Once you're past the next turret, you're home free and will discover Theodore's dark secret lying on a table with a bone saw. Unchain the door and get out of there after grabbing the loot.

Theo bugged out on me. Oh well. Got the Bobblehead and magazine!

Theodore, as well as the Cannery Robots will aggro on you. Use the conveyor belt and drop down to the catwalk to get to Theodore quickly. Back to the room where the Bobblehead was. I suppose we could've got it later, but oh well. Supposedly Theo will offer to let you split profits with him if you do this right (he bugged out and just stood there), but it's not worth it after him trying to kill you.

Finish this however you like, if you're presented with an alternative. I wiped everything out, got my XP and took all the good meat. Potted meat has a base value of 25, so you might get 5-10 caps out of it depending on your Charisma and other factors. Might as well take it, too. Just don't eat it :(

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